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Chris Stanton-Cook
Empowering people to get the most out of life.
Empowering people to get the most out of life.


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Keep Real Estate prospects to yourself for better profits.
Have a look to see how below.
My Mobile Real Estate package uses a responsive site with QR Code linkages to ensure property listings aren't lost amongst your competitors.  

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Plug the Prospect Leaks.
Stop sharing your listings with other agents.
This is a Great way to Keep Prospects Looking At Your Property List.

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It's one thing to get your financials from your accountant but it's another thing to understand them.

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Another unique Australian Marsupial on the brink of extinction because of unrestricted logging.
Come on Aussies look after your unique fauna.

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Batteries have been the brake.
Looks like the break through is here.
300 mile electric car - that's competitive.
Increased storage for solar and wind systems -  collect now use later.

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This will be a magnificent B&B and Restaurant.  Attention to detail in the renovations has to be seen.  

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Nothing better than a dedicated directory -
That's what Logan City Business Directory is.
#logancityqld   #logancitybusinesses   #smallbusinessinloganqld  

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Take a minute or two and relax 
let your mind settle
It feels so good.

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