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There are a bunch of news articles claiming that Google is going to put native ad blocking into the Chrome browser. It won't block all ads, just certain very annoying types of ads - the kind that jump into your face and prevent you from reading the article.

I saw a headline for an article in Forbes on why that's a bad idea. I tried to read the article, but I couldn't because of all the ads that were popping up and blocking the content.

Not the best way to state your case. 

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What are other people's thoughts on the potential improvements mentioned in this article? Here are mine:

I don't really need an always on display. I am not sure I want one since some of the watch face complications can potentially contain data I don't typically share. Tuning the "wrist raise" to work a bit better would be helpful, though.

I really don't want built-in cellular. I have other reasons to keep my phone nearby at almost all times, and many of those don't translate well to the size of a watch. I also don't want another data plan, nor do I have any confidence that any carrier will offer an economical way for a phone and watch to share a cellular line (voice and data).

Longer battery is always nice, but I would be more interested in "inductive charging at a distance". That would potentially let me keep an inductive charger by the bed, and possibly one on my desk at work, keeping my watch charged round the clock without the need to take it off.

If the charging problem is addressed, then sleep monitoring would be a good thing.

What are your thoughts? 

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For those who have been waiting....

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Has anyone seen information on how Google Home will handle multiple residents (i.e family members) each with their own Google account? If someone says "what is on my calendar," how will Home know which calendar to check? How will Home permit a parent to make dinner reservations, but not the young children?

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WatchOS 2.2.1 is out - bug fixes and security improvements

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Have your watch alert you when you accidentally leave your phone behind.
Pretty cool idea - I wondered why this wasn't built into the OS.   Trying it out, I did notice the occasional false alert.  That isn't surprising, since it relies on the strength of the Bluetooth connection and external factors can interfere with the Bluetooth signal.   Nonetheless, if you are the type of person who might walk out the door without your phone, having your watch alert you might be just what you need.

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Apple Watch update is out. 

The other day I was checking out at a store of a major chain. As I was about to pay, I saw that they had replaced their credit card terminals, and the new terminals were labeled with features for all three types of credit card payments - wireless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, smart card chip, and of course, the traditional magnetic strip. When making my payment, it turned out that only the magnetic strip reader was working.

The clerk informed me that they weren't going to turn on the other features until after the holiday season. Apparently, executives of the store chain were worried that unfamiliarity with the new payment methods would slow down the checkout lines.

That's right - they decided to risk a massive credit card hack so they could get more customers through their stores.


I’d really like to see a major news outlet do a story on this - keep a list of which big chains are supporting chip or wireless payments and which are still swipe-only.

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Isn't that where you are supposed to find them?
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