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Welcome to the Unusual Life of an Irish Serial Social Entrepreneur
Welcome to the Unusual Life of an Irish Serial Social Entrepreneur


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**My Faith in Humanity Restored - A Dying Woman's Last Wish**

These are the stories that make us hang on to the belief that the human race are by and large a decent species, despite rules, regulations and systems. This is truly, truly beautiful, and I can completely understand the woman's wishes! #compassion
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Is O'Leary's Time Up With Ryanair?

In one sense, it is difficult to knock O'Leary when you consider his achievements, but from another point of view it might be an opportune time for him to move on, or for a more realistic opposition airline to start competing with him. It seems to me that he has enjoyed the image of kicking the crap out of customers and staff to keep costs down, but his bullying bullish tactics have gone way too far now, both for customers and staff, in my humble opinion.

So here's the math:

- 2,000 fights per day in July 2017 with a total of 4,000 pilots who can fly for approx. 20 hours each a week. Not good.
- €1.2 billion in profit on 131 million passengers carried = €9.00 profit per passenger.
- Average of 182.6 passengers per flight.
- Average fare for each passenger = approx. €46.00.

But how about this:

- 182.6 passengers x €2.00 extra (to bring the average fare to €48.00).
- Ryanair take €2.00 less profit per passenger.
- Total to pay and treat their staff properly per flight is 182.6 x €4.00 = €730.40, and maybe give the passengers a free cup of tea or coffee as well.

Would Ryanair customers be happy to pay an average of €2.00 extra per flight if they knew that the pilots and cabin crew were happy and comfortable in their jobs with no risk of mass cancellations? No need for market research here. The answer is simply YES.

It is my opinion that O'Leary didn't understand this in time and did not take his foot off the bullying greed pedal, and that he would be better off moving on.

The alternative is for a few senior key staff of Ryanair to get together and set up an alternative airline to compete with O'Leary. With a good business plan and the right team of people, this is not as difficult as you might think, despite the scale and finances required. Anyone on the inside interested, give me a shout! Time slots and contractual obligations between Ryanair and some airports might be the only real serious challenge to get over...

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Our education system is in serious need of urgent attention. We continue to pump loads of useless information into kids' heads, and judge them at 17 years of age on how much of that useless information they can retain. The biggest problem with this is that apart from telling kids that their whole future depends on the results of this bullsh*t, is the fact that it is killing their natural creativity and positive energy.

The human brain has a certain capacity and if you encourage kids to fill 90% of that capacity with irrelevant rubbish....

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Ireland - a Financial Basket Case

Ireland is a financial basket case and the economy is completely f*cked.

We are the fastest growing economy in Europe yet again. Remember the last time we were the jewel of Europe from 2002 to 2008? How great we were, and apparently we are now again?


We have a massive homeless problem and even less apparent, but just as detrimental, is the plight of hard working people who are struggling to a point of despair to make ends meet. These are the silent sufferers trying to put a brave face outwards.

So how do we fix this?

It's not complicated at all. Three simple steps:

1) We need to provide high-end housing for professionals who wish to relocate here and set up new companies. Their taxes will help provide shelter for our homeless people. Enterprise Ireland are wasting their time and taxpayers' money trying to attract companies to set up here if they have nowhere to house their employees.

2) We need to keep the price of property under control by using CPOs and re-zoning to free up lots of land for construction so that the supply is much stronger than the demand.

3 ) We need to control the overburdened planning process without creating a "free for all", but using common sense.

Yes, we have a great young educated population. Yes, we are probably going to be the only English speaking country left in the EU. Yes, we are a very sociable, easy to get on with people. But for all of that, we have no hope of fixing our ridiculous health service, our homeless people's situation or anyone else, if we can't provide reasonable high-end housing for high-end taxpayers who might like to relocate here...

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Martin McGuinness to me was never a man who set out to be involved in any violence. Some people have made statements about his early days and a lot of media commentators asked interviewees about how the victims of the IRA would feel this week. I for sure would not like to bring back those past dark days, having spent a lot of time in the north in the 80’s, but I was disappointed that the media didn’t emphasise more that there were two sides to the struggle and not just one. There was a reason why the troubles broke out in the north, and it was not because people like Martin woke up one morning and decided to be involved in violence, out of the blue. It was desperation.

I didn’t ever have the privilege of meeting Martin McGuinness, but I feel that while a united Ireland was an ambition of his, it was much more important to him that the community he represented was treated equally in the north and with dignity, and he would have stood for the same principles, had he grown up in any other part of the world.

The man was a giant, and I always have been, and still am, convinced that there would be no peace process without him. Nobody else was in a position to defuse that horrible situation as good as he was. There were plenty of others on both sides who helped in a big way, but without Martin McGuinness’ courage and intelligence it would never have happened.

I only hope that his unfortunate early passing will unite the people of all sides to unite even more on our small Island.

I am not at all religious or nationalistic, and I used to joke in the economic recession of the 80’s that we (in the south) would be better off if the UK agreed to take another six counties, as long as they agreed to pump the same amount of funds into those new six counties as they were into the north. It was a joke, but we need to be a united people of Ireland above all else who respect each other, regardless of religion, nationality or race.

Gordon Wilson was another northern hero of mine.

Let’s look to an even better future, and the first challenge we all need to face together on this small island, is the effects and opportunities of Brexit.

R.I.P. Martin McGuinness, and all those who lost their lives in the troubles – on both sides.

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Trump's Insult to U.S. Department of Immigration Staff & Boycotting Trump Companies

Has anyone noticed that Trump has seriously insulted the staff of the U.S. Dept of Immigration with his seven country ban? The ban stops people who were very carefully screened and who were granted legitimate visas entering the country. What he is saying here, is that he does not trust the immigration staff of his own country.

He doesn't really care about it, I suppose, given the fact that he also thinks the judiciary are a bunch of clowns. I wonder, is he stupid enough to insult the military as well, which might spark a military coup?!

I also wonder, will his effort to bring jobs back to America backfire on him with this total disregard for his new found employees? It seems to me that any U.S. company and their staff with intelligence and dignity who can relocate to another jurisdiction should be planning to do so, rather than support Trump by paying taxes in the USA. There was a certain type of voter who believed all of his bare-faced election lies, and perhaps they are the ones who should be left to live and run the USA alone as they see fit.

Maybe the rest of us should do our bit by trying to avoid purchasing U.S. goods. And yes, I am aware I am posting this on a U.S. owned platform which leads me to think that someone should create an alternative platform called "Globalbook", unless of course Facebook jump ship from the USA.

Two U.S. anti-Trump supporters created a website called "" which was set up to encourage people to stop supporting Trump companies. Ivanka Trump has a clothes fashion line which was kicked out of the Nordstrom chain of retail shops due to slow sales within weeks. People do have power!

Perhaps there are internal Facebook staff with the necessary experience who would like to set up "Globalbook" outside the USA!

In the meantime, we can only hope that there are enough republicans with balls to vote against his more stupid ideals...

More interesting stuff on my blog:

#trump #boycott #7countryban #anti-trump #uspolitics
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I have built a website called Real Global Democracy (, on which I posted a few articles to give the general feel of the way I would like to see the website develop.

I am looking for a few journalists who have the same beliefs as myself to start contributing to the website and sharing its content with others.

If this is you, please get in touch - and please share if you know anybody who would be interested! :)
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Right Wing / Left Wing and Trumpists

I don’t know if there will ever be true peace in the world, but I am fairly sure that it will never come about as long as each and every citizen of the world does not have equal opportunity, and the only way this can happen is complete free movement of all people and goods through all countries without restriction. No one has the right to tell another human being where they can and can’t go or sell their products on this planet. Nationalistic protective policies by the restrictive 5% of insecure people in the world is the largest problem we have.

A good example: Rosberg won the F1 title this year, but who did he compete against? Only 5% of the world’s population had the financial ability to let their child go go-kart racing in the first place! If the other 95% had the same access, Rosberg would probably at best end up in the top 100. A big achievement in itself!

Build bridges, not walls! Welcome any decent people from wherever and keep clear of arseholes, regardless of where they are from, is my humble philosophy.

Over 100 short years ago, the Irish were considered peasants by a certain class in the UK. Now Irish people contribute massively to the UK economy at very high levels and Irish companies are in a dominant position in industries like cement production, fruit distribution, meat production and many more. The same will happen to any nationality who is given the opportunity, whether they are Mexicans, Muslims or anyone else.

In my short time back home for a few months, I have ended up dealing with a lot of Polish people in very high positions in both the government and private sectors. Fantastic, helpful people to deal with and great to see them rising to those levels in the few short years that they have had access to the EU labour market. No Irish person worth their salt has anything to fear from the Polish or anyone else, but the rest of the Irish do, and that’s as it should be!

I have also noticed that there is a certain % of people who came to Ireland and got citizenship. The very second they got citizenship they wanted the doors closed behind them to keep others out, even from their own country of origin.

The human being is a very funny breed of creature at times!!!

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