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My moto x 3rd. generation, five months old acting up, no more moto for me

my experience with Motorola has just ended, my Moto x 3rd. edition, camera when bad yesterday, only 5 months old, tried have everything to restore, finally contact Motorola, only to be told, i'll have to send in my device to be repair, i ask what am i suppose to do without a phone while you repair a product i bought from you, answer, that's my only option, no more motorola for me,

Oh, i cannot take selfies, no icon on the screen

motto x selfi phone app missing

Droid X,2015, how do I add more emoji to Google keyboard?

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Five Years? Work

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This is superb

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Gonna have this one, heading for the store now, thank you
The New Balance Elite Edition 580 sneaker -- perfect for the female ‪#‎sneakerhead‬ or style fanatic >>
New Balance Elite Edition WRT580XC
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Mek sense from nan sense

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Have Droid x OG, I'll wait, love this phone
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