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Andrew Law
I game. I draw. I map. I write.
I game. I draw. I map. I write.

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I'm having a day off for the first time in ages. Let's get some X-Wing on!

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Well, this hit me in the feels -- I was just listening to his music this morning as I worked. Nothing says the 1920s like Linkin Park, right?


That moment when you realise the cool, funky thing you are looking for was saved on the laptop that toasted. Aww, crap!

Urgh! So sleepy today. Stayed up far too late writing the blog about the Critical Role maps. So, today's work will be accompanied by yawning. Lots of yawning. And the excited background mumble of children on holiday. And yawning...

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So, as promised, here's some detail about how I went about creating the Critical Role Tal'Dorei map for +Green Ronin Publishing. :D

Erm, wow... Seems there's loads of interest in my maps for +Green Ronin Publishing's Tal'Dorei setting book. So, I'll be blogging soon to explain their creation for those who want to know more.

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Hey, D&D and Critical Role peeps. The new Tal'Dorei Campaign setting book is now up for grabs (link below). I tackled the new poster map of the setting in there (and a couple of city maps, too), so I obviously think you should all buy it. Like, now. If any map previews ever pop online, anywhere, I'll post a link or two.

Further, if you pre-order the book you can grab the pdf right now for only an extra $5. Which is obviously what you should do. :D

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How exciting. I appear to be guest blogging for +Green Ronin Publishing about The Lost Citadel map I created for their most recent +Kickstarter. Click the links below for more.


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I have little optimism for today's general election in the UK. In Englandshire, the UKIPers will largely vote Conservative, which will increase the Tory majority, allowing May to claim a strong and stable victory even though her campaign was anything but. In Scotlandia, the SNP grip will loosen as a resurgent Labour splits the left-leaning vote and anti-independence concerns bring support to the centre and right, meaning more Conservative and LibDem seats in Scotland, which will leave self-determination much farther away, and the chance of a progressive UK government significantly lower.

Nevertheless, I foolishly clutch to hope and I am off to vote. Surely just enough people will see how toxic the Tory policies are, right?

Ha. For-profit healthcare, here we come.

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Please check-out this +Kickstarter, RPG peeps. The setting is brilliant, the people involved are super lovely, and I may have also done a little work for it (and by 'little', click through on the map on the Kickstarter page for more).
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