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Mark Garney
I'm a recent Air Force retiree going on an adventure.
I'm a recent Air Force retiree going on an adventure.


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Scotland Day 4 - The Dales!
Now THAT'S what  I call a breakfast!  English breakfast ROCKS!  What a great way to get ready for our first hike in England.  We deicide to head out this morning on a local hike to a number of waterfalls.  There were some surprises in store! We drove to the...

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Day 3 - Fountains Abbey to the Yorkshire Dales
Day 3 took us out of the Fens of southeastern England.  The Fens used to be swamps, but long ago some enterprising would-be farmer decided to drain one of these swamps and try his hand at growing something other than eels.  It worked very well and now most ...

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England, Day 2: Cambridge
Day two in the Merry Olde land took us to Cambridge.  We slept well, not feeling much jet lag, at least not yet.  Cheryl made me some "Manly Energy" herb tea and I was off like a shot!  Cambridge (from the river Cam, and the bridge that goes over it) isn't ...

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England...the real one...across the ocean
The long awaited time is here, and we've come across the pond to England!  The purpose of our trip is to visit our kids who live in Aberdeen, Scotland, but first we stopped in to see our dear friends James and Cheryl Meinders who live NE of London in the vi...

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Treasurevault Mountain
A week ago Saturday, Sue and I and Grizz climbed Treasurevault Mountain in the Mosquito Mountains.  This was my highest peak since we move to CO, at  13,701 feet.  We got to take the Truck this time (Irv2) because we had to drive some dirt roads to get to t...

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James Peak
I'm a terribly inconsistent blogger.  Well, so deal with it.  I'm back, at least for now.  Sue and I had a great adventure two weeks ago to James Peak (13,301) in the James Peak Wilderness.  We were dodging bad weather in the Springs, and there was the prom...

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The Falcon Trail
Ok, I've decided to start training in earnest for the summer hiking season.  I have this spritely wife who I have a hard time keeping up with, and I need to up my game.  So, where to start?  Distance, that's where.  I still believe in LSD (no, not that LSD)...

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Spruce Mountain
We had a great hike last Saturday at Spruce Mountain. -22 wind chill and snowing when we started, but we were determined! We believe ther is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!   The woods were beautiful. It was Grizz' first time to hike with booti...

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In Utah, on vacation.
Here we are on vacation in Utah, enjoying the lovely late summer at our cabin, the Lerfa Lodge.  The cabin is in good shape, and the meadow we have for a front yard looks healthy.  Its taken 25 years to get it that way, but its doing really well.  We have n...

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Fun (finally) in Colorado!
As my friend James says, I've been spending my weekends enjoying the "joys of home ownership".  Not this weekend, however, we decided to get out and play!  I started doing CrossFit workouts again this week, and my 56 year old body is wondering what hit it, ...
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