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Jamaica Carnival 2017
This is my 5 th year attending Jamaica carnival
and I must say it has changed tremendously.   Not that it is a bad thing, change is good.   Back in the old days (lol) there was only one
fete per day and the rest of the day was spending liming by the hotel p...

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Return to the Motherland aka Panama
My brother Paco and I went home to Panama during carnival, but I can’t really call this a carnival blog because
we didn’t partake in many carnival activities.   Let me start off by explaining how we ended
up in Panama during carnival season.   For
the last ...

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Atlanta Carnival 2017 fete list
A collections of flyers for all the folks that need Atlanta Carnival fete info .  I ts still early, many more fetes to be announced, I’ll add more as I see them.  I MUST shout out Cooler Fete although technically its not carnival weekend, this event officia...

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New Orleans Pre-Mardi Gras
So there I was minding my own business, trying to be an
upstanding citizen and my friend Melissa tells me that she is going to the NBA
All-Star game in New Orleans.   Now as
much as I dislike Saints fans, I love New Orleans (the French Quarter to be

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DIY Carnival Belt
Here is a DIY blog to help you as you
work out your 2017 carnival schedule and try to figure out which carnivals you
are going to storm and which carnivals you are going to join a band.   This is a tutorial on how to create a
carnival belt from scratch or m...

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Atlanta Falcons Fans in Houston for Super Bowl Weekend
  The Prelude: As I’m sure you know, I am NOT originally from Atlanta.   The first US state that I lived in was
California. Also, my parents let me spend my high school summers with my aunts
in LA and Pasadena, so for my adolescent years I was a LA Raiders ...

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DIY Atlanta Falcons Fabric Earrings
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it
again, Necessity is the mother of invention!   So I lost one of my beloved Falcons earrings a few weeks ago.   I ordered a different pair and when they came
in, they were 10x smaller then they looked online.   Fast forwar...

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San Juan, PR
Extended weekend getaway to San Juan, PR for my chica
Selam’s birthday.   She wanted a relaxing
weekend on a tropical beach and we obliged!   The nice hotels were like $200 a night and there were 5 of
us on the trip, so an Airbnb condo was definitely the be...

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Miami Carnival 2016 : The Hurricane Edition
Miami carnival 2016 got thrown a wrench by Category 4
Hurricane Matthew.   Miami and Ft Loddy
Doddy airport both announced that they were shutting down around noon carnival
Thursday – until Friday.   Thursday
afternoon is the time when most people arrive to...
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