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nadia akhtar
Chanel Addict, personal shopper, fashion victim with a passion for Shakespeare
Chanel Addict, personal shopper, fashion victim with a passion for Shakespeare

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Chrome Time
Oof i should have posted this a while ago when I picked this little beauty up…. So as we have all gathered, I am not the biggest saver for the long haul. Over the last 2 years where I have been able to save over a few months for my dream watch I've spent it...

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All Black...
Back on the bloggersphere after an amazing month of travelling to Japan and Cuba (lets not forget I live in-between London and Paris!) so I am so happy to actually be settling back to some normality and putting this blog post up! Let's be honest this look i...

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Punky Ballerina
I do not at all claim to be "out the fashion box" or a complete and utter fashionista. But...I fall head over heel for some quirky ass shoes. I like to think of it as my thing. I love wearing a basic outfit (honestly 90% of my wardrobe is an ode to Billy Jo...

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Monogrmmed Perfection
Who doesn't love Monogrammed pieces? I sure as hell do. It kinda makes a piece a little more personal and forever. That's what I have always felt about monogrammed pieces. When I first saw the Burberry show in September last year, I like the rest of the wor...

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Vuitton Vibes
I am very lucky when it comes to my work attire, I get to wear almost anything I want from jeans to trainers, I'm in them all week so I never really have a "off duty" look. I usually dress for my mood and comfort, one day I can be in leather pants, another ...

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Chanel Coco Handle
Evening guys! Ah so there is a little story behind the new addition to my bag collection. Back in July I purchased the reintroduced (slightly re-modified for a modern touch) Chanel Coco Handle in navy with a burgundy Lizard handle. I know the HOLY GRAIL. It...

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Love Is In The Air
Ah, as I upload this post I am sitting in my office in Paris the city of love preparing for the Chanel couture show tomorrow! I am so excited, I love Haute Fouture so much. The details, the craft and the general attitude completely blows me away, so much so...

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Shoe Addict 2016.
OH GOD!  I have not blogged for a whole year! This utter madness. In all fairness 2015 was a pretty busy and wonderful year for me. So I want to make 2016 that much more special and that is a conscious effort to be better at blogging, building this blog to ...

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Knightsbridge In Bloom
It's been a while since my last post, but finally I'm having some well deserved, non ill, time off from work after a brilliant working week away in New York . I only wish we had more time to explore, but I definitely think we made the most of our limited ti...

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Shades of Grey
I am back! I have missed blogging the last few weeks, but work has consumed me massively. But thanks to the wonderful other half we have made some time to take photos of my favourite outfits.  As ever I love this outfit, it is easy, chic and very much embod...
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