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Once again, quality first-year courses (and an administration on your side) makes a difference.

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"The large lecture class designed around the delivery of curriculum is dead.  MOOCs have killed this model of education, and good riddance and about time.  The classes that will replace the one-way learning large lecture courses will be superior, but more expensive in every way."

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     "My undergraduate English and Religious Studies majors did not get me a job. But my liberal arts background and the intellectualism that it promoted did prepare me for a lifetime of learning and a variety of possible career paths. The latter of these two facts should not be undervalued in a hyper-connected global world where the career you prepared for as a student may already have become defunct by the time you graduate.
   Students need to be prepared for a rapidly changing world, and they need to be trained to be self-motivated learners who are capable of adapting to new skills, positions, or even entire new disciplines if they are going to be successful after graduation."

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Cut funding for college educations, and tell students to take the class online somewhere?

"To say that the purpose of colleges is to provide instruction is like 
saying that General Motors' business is to operate assembly lines or that the purpose of medical care is to fill hospital beds. We now see that our mission is not instruction but rather that of producing learning with every student by whatever means work best."
Barr and Tagg, 1995. From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education.

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Unfortunately, traditional undergraduates are not interested in taking classes online.  And nobody wants to pay $1400 for a course...

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Perhaps the most important aspect of teaching.... is valuing connection with your students.

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“You should see some of the vitriolic e-mails I get. The generic complaint is that they (students) have to do all the learning themselves. Rather than lecturing, I’m making them prepare themselves for class—and in class, rather than telling them things, I’m asking them questions. They’d much rather sit there and listen and take notes. Some will say, ‘I didn’t pay $47,000 to learn it all from the textbook. I think you should go over the material from the book, point by point, in class.’ Not realizing that they learn precious little by that, and they should actually be offended if I did that, because it’s an insult to their intelligence—then, I’m essentially reading the book to them.”

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Maybe if class-time weren't all about note-capture....
Or maybe the instructor should sell their own notes.

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Okay people - somebody write us a good, free online peer grading system like these:
but that is regularly updated and improved and generates lots of good user support.

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