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Specialist tour operator for Mauritius holidays and holidays to the Seychelles, Morocco, Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Specialist tour operator for Mauritius holidays and holidays to the Seychelles, Morocco, Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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All Beachcomber resorts in Mauritius offer a wide variety of complimentary water sports.
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Our 2018 brochure is out now.
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Our Great Big Beach Sale is now on - book by 31 August 2014
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Family Holidays in Mauritius
The Beachcomber Hotels are just perfect for a family holiday.  All are located on fantastic beachfronts and have a whole host of superb family friendly facilities.

For a family holiday the Beachcomber Hotels all offer a fantastic selection of family accommodation from interconnecting rooms and suites to family apartments, suites and private villas.

There's a huge choice of dining options and we can offer all inclusive packages at Shandrani Resort & Spa, Le Victoria, Le Mauricia and Le Canonnier.

Each resort also offers a free childrens' club for 3 to 12 year olds and there is a whole host of free land and water sports including water skiing.

If you are looking for a luxury family holiday Mauritius itself offers a friendly welcome to families, the gentle seas are warm through the year and climate is ideal through all the school holidays.

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Turtle Conservation at Sainte Anne Resort in the Seychelles
Below is an axtract from Sainte Annes’ INSIGHT Newsletter who met Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer, a Conservation Biologist and a marine turtle expert. She has done sea turtle conservation work for more than 20 countries on five continents. But, her favourite place is Seychelles where she resides and has been working since 1981 in collaboration with the Government of Seychelles and private companies such as Sainte Anne Resort to promote sea turtle conservation.
Dr Mortimer, what is the importance of the sea turtle activity in the Sainte Anne region?
Sainte Anne hosts the most important sea turtle nesting rookery in the vicinity of Mahé Island. Turtles still nest on Mahé, but, coastal development, human activity and poaching have caused those populations to decline significantly over the years.
What is special about the sea turtles of Sainte Anne?
Two species of sea turtles nest at Sainte Anne—the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). The hawksbill, which is more abundant, is globally listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a Critically Endangered species. So, it is remarkable that Seychelles hosts one of the four largest national populations of this Critically Endangered species anywhere in the world. Another interesting feature of the hawksbills of Seychelles is that they nest primarily in the daytime, while hawksbills in most other parts of the world nest at night.
Why do you think there are still so many turtles nesting at Sainte Anne?
There are three reasons why there are still so many turtles nesting at Sainte Anne Island:
1. The island is located within the boundaries of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park which was the first marine park established anywhere in the Western Indian Ocean, back in the 1970s. So, Park Rangers have been patrolling the park against poachers during the past four decades.
2. It is difficult and dangerous to land a boat on the major nesting beaches of Sainte Anne, so the beaches are relatively inaccessible to people. The beaches are best reached by walking overland.
3. The Sainte Anne Resort is currently the only development located on this beautiful 220 hectare island. So, the turtles are not disturbed by artificial lighting or human activity on or behind the beaches.
How do nesting sea turtles benefit the Sainte Anne Resort?
Resort guests can join guided tours offered by the Sainte Anne Resort during which guides from the resort lead the guests on walks through the forests and over the hills of Sainte Anne to the remote nesting beaches on the far side of the island. There, during the months of October to February, the guests have an excellent chance to watch hawksbill turtles nest, and if they are very lucky, to see baby turtles hatching from their nests.
Do the hotel guests ever get a chance to see turtles swimming in the sea?
Yes. Young hawksbills and green turtles reside in the waters adjacent to Sainte Anne Island all year round. So guests may also see turtles when they go snorkelling at any time of the year. You mention that turtle poaching still occurs on Mahé. Does turtle poaching also occur at Sainte Anne?
Unfortunately, yes! Turtle poaching does occur at Sainte Anne. So it is important that the authorities responsible for and interested in Sainte Anne Island collaborate with each other to ensure the long term protection of the turtles of Sainte Anne.

Who is responsible for the protection of the resources of Sainte Anne?
The Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) is responsible for managing and protecting the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. And, the Sainte Anne Resort is eager to collaborate with SNPA to maximize protection for the turtles and other natural resources.
What does the Sainte Anne Resort do to protect the nesting turtles?
The Sainte Anne Resort has taken several initiatives to enhance the protection of the marine turtles.
These include:
1. Helping SNPA to collect data about the turtles. Resort personnel have been monitoring the nesting turtles for several years. During the 2013-14 nesting season the resort has also supported the work of a French University student who is working full time to collect data on the nesting turtles (for both her own studies and for SNPA) and also taking hotel guests on walks to the nesting beaches.
2. The Resort offers logistical support including lunch in the staff canteen to SNPA rangers when they are patrolling the waters and beaches of Sainte Anne Island.
3. Resort personnel contact the SNPA whenever they see any suspicious activity that may endanger turtles.
4. When poachers know there are hotel residents, staff or conservationists on the beaches, they are deterred from poaching turtles.
What is your recommendation for the future regarding the turtles of Saint Anne?
It is imperative that the current good conditions prevailing at Sainte Anne for nesting turtles are maintained. Conserving habitat at the most important turtle nesting beaches is essential, as is maintaining the current level of monitoring, and reinforcing patrols and vigilance to deter poachers. This can be achieved by enhancing the existing collaboration between SAR, SNPA and universities. Sainte Anne is the only place in Seychelles where visitors can enjoy such an exciting wildlife experience in the context of 220 hectares of granitic island wilderness... all within a ten minute boat ride of

For more details on Beachcomber's Sainte Anne Resort visit -
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Royal Palm Marrakech
If you are after a luxury golf break in Marrakech then the Royal Palm Golf Course is one not to be missed -
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New Year, New Hotel for Beachcomber Hotels
Delighted to say Beachcomber's first hotel outside of the Indian Ocean has opened - Royal Palm Marrakech.

Just an easy three hour flight away from the UK the wonder of Marrakech awaits. For many this magical city has not yet made its way on to the ‘must visit’ list but for those who have made the journey they have been captivated by the exotic mystique of this wonderful destination.

Warm weather, delicious cuisine and friendly, efficient service are just part of the attraction.  Added to the fact that you can soak up over a thousand years of culture in the Jemaa el Fna square, haggle in labyrinthine souks or wonder around an historic garden and you’ve just scratched the surface of all that Marrakech can offer.

For some the noise, smells and unfamiliarity is best done in small doses and that’s why having a relaxed, luxury hotel to retreat back to is a godsend. And here’s where the new Royal Palm Marrakech comes to the fore. 

 Set a short 10 minute drive from the centre of the ‘red city’ with wonderful views up towards the Atlas Mountains, Royal Palm Marrakech offers guests a luxurious, quiet oasis from which to relax or make the most of all that Marrakech can offer.  In resort, you’ll stay in luxurious suites, there’s a choice of 4 fine dining restaurants, an exclusive Spa by Clarins, tennis courts, free childrens’ club and a superb 18-hole golf course.

Be one of the first to stay in this new Beachcomber Hotel and take advantage of the hotels’ launch offers.  Travel by 12 February and save 50% on accommodation costs or by 14 September 2014 and save 30% on accommodation costs.
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Our Beach Sale is now on.  5% extra off on top of all of our current offers on all holidays to Mauritius, Seychelles, Marrakech, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Book by 31 Jan 2014.
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Sarah and Ria from the Beachcomber sales team report back from their recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

3, 2, 1 and we were off! There we were on the fastest rollercoaster in the world - Formula Rossa, flying through the air and we couldn’t help but think….what on earth are we doing?! We were visiting Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, all in the name of research of course! Apart from the thrilling roller coasters you can also enjoy racing simulations, factory tours, films, cinematic motion-based simulators, a flume ride and theatrical performances at the indoor theme park. They even have a pit stop where you can be timed changing the tyres! This is a must for any F1 fan, of which Ria who joined me most certainly is….she even posed in a real F1 car, Ferrari hat and all! St Regis hotel is just a 10 minute drive from Ferrari World and we were lucky enough to spend one night here. The resort is located on Saadiyat Island and has a jaw dropping beach. The resort is pretty new, it opened in 2012, with the signature St. Regis Butler service available to all guests, so you are well and truly spoilt. A restaurant which is a must here is Sontaya, an award winning Southeast Asian restaurant surrounded by water with views of the ocean.
We were very excited to return to Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we had visited together 5 years earlier- when we had just joined Beachcomber.  So much has changed, particularly in Dubai. What really struck us were the new areas - since our last visit they had completed ‘the Walk’, a bustling promenade full of restaurants, cafes and shops. We sat outside and dined at The Butcher Shop one evening, watching the world go by, and enjoying the atmosphere. The Ritz Carlton hotel is located just in front of the Walk, on the Jumeirah Beach, so it is in a great location for those who wish to get out and about. The resort has just completed a new wing and the rooms are stunning with views of the Arabian Gulf. The level of service here is very high, they even have a fully clothed waiter who enters the pool in the mornings to hand out complimentary refreshments!   
On our last visit the Palm and its hotels was still under construction so it’s great to see it full of life. We visited the Jumierah Zabeel Saray which is a lavish property with stunning views of the Palm and the Dubai skyline. The hotels Talisse Ottoman Spa is quite possibly the most amazing Spa either of us had ever seen and we could have quite happily turned our back on the Dubai sunshine for a day to relax and be pampered in its beautiful surroundings.
Another exciting new hang out in Dubai is the Marina –which is set just behind the beach. It is full of Arabic restaurants, with terraces over looking yachts and skyscrapers towering above. There is a fabulous atmosphere, with people sitting outside long into the night, with the aroma of shisha in the air.  
A must see in Dubai is the downtown area, where the Burj Khalifa stands proudly with the dancing fountains in front. In this area of town you also have the Dubai Mall which (as well as lots of shops) houses a very impressive aquarium and the Souk al Bahar, where you will find traditional shops and a variety of restaurants overlooking the fountains. We could have spent hours there! We enjoyed lunch at the Palace Downtown, a beautiful hotel with a traditional Arabic twist, connected to the Souk Al Bahar. We learnt that on Tuesdays it is ladies night and we could have enjoyed drinks at the hotels cocktail lounge, FAI for just 5 dirhams! Unfortunately we were heading home on Tuesday (bad planning!) but we will be sure to take advantage next time! 
All in all it was a fantastic trip during which we got to see all of the hotels featured in the new brochure. Dubai has changed so much and Abu Dhabi is a fast developing exciting city. Who knows what will have changed in another 5 years….

Sarah and Ria
#Dubai holidays
#AbuDhabi holidays
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Kitesurfing in Mauritius
Guests staying at the Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa and Paradis Hotel & Golf Club can now make the most out of their enviable location close to one of the Indian Oceans finest kite surfing spots for both beginners and seasoned kiters.
The newly launched Dinarobin Kitesurf School is run in association with the YOANEYE Kite Centre and is affiliated with the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and the French School of Kitesurfing (EFK).
The Dinarobin Kitesurf School offers guests training and practice sessions from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm at “La Pointe” and “Kite Lagoon” kitesurf spots. These two sites rank among the best spots on the island for kitesurfing and are located only a few minutes from the Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa and the Paradis Hotel & Golf Club.
A 15-seater minibus is provided to ensure the highest convenience and comfort for participants, with a free shuttle service every hour between the resorts and the two kitesurf spots. Special areas have also been arranged on-site to accommodate guests of the hotel. Lessons are carried out by four qualified instructors using the latest Slingshot equipment.
The Dinarobin Kitesurf School is open to kitesurfers of all levels from the age of 10 staying at the two Beachcomber resorts on the Morne Peninsula. Younger children can discover the pleasure of flying a kite on the beach.  
The Dinarobin Kitesurf School places much emphasis on quality and safety, with a maximum of four students per instructor. Participants are also provided with detailed information on wind and sea conditions before their kitesurf session.

The school has excellent equipment for hire and a 2 hour lesson for a bigger starts from £75, all lessons include free equipment.
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