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[Mage] I'm angry. 

I don't get angry very often - it's rarely constructive. But now I'm angry. Because this shouldn't have anything to do with me. It shouldn't be my choice to make, my burden to shoulder. And yet it is. Or is going to be. We know what is known, and that's not going to change. But the form is important. 

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Except I'm not wearing the crown. This isn't my responsibility.



Magisters cannot afford to be parochial. The supernal, the world and everything in between - this is my remit now. This is my mandate. 

This is my responsibility.

Let's get it done. 
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Oh, random question - is Liorli not yet replying to that message IC? No worries or pressure at all if it's OOC, of course - I'm no one to talk, Christ - I just wanted to check :-)
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Matt B

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So, the mage weekender happened. 

The previous week had been horribly difficult at work, to the point where it was touch-and-go whether I went to the mage weekender or just curled up in a ball and whimpered all weekend, but I went, and I was quite glad I did in the end, although my relaxing weekend turned a corner and went hard left at the point on Friday night where I half ended up in charge and half seized power with an iron fist, and I'm still not sure quite which. 

So, I spent my weekend talking at everyone and liaising with everyone and sending people off to do stuff, and trying to put things together and keep everyone involved, and it was a bit tricky but it didn't come off too badly, I think. 

I also got to do some stuff myself - I think I pretty firmly cemented myself as one of the venue's premier combat healers, though I did go down several times in one of the fights I was in, which was pretty frustrating and I need to work out a better way round that, I think. 

Some good emotional moments as well, plus a few which highlighted that I really need to firm up some grey areas of my character's background (ST: "you see in front of you the person you most love and care about in the world" Me: "Uhhhhh....?"). 

I've also taken some steps towards getting hold of a really decent artifact through solidly legitimate means (that will take some work!) and I'm applying for Silver Ladder Status 4, which is quite exciting.  

In general, a pretty good weekend, although I got nowhere near enough sleep! 

Quotes appreciated (and reciprocated): 
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Also, what Pam said :)
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Matt B

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[IoD] Gentlemen, ladies,

Do we have a new players' guide anywhere yet? Or a couple of paragraphs introducing each venue that I could show to a work colleague who's thinking of coming along?
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Nothing yet - we've asked for content writers in the past and had no volunteers, so it's not something we've had the capacity to produce.  Ian F and Claire G had something in the pipeline, but I'm not sure anything ever came of it.

If anyone writes anything (and it won't be me or it'll be as exciting as the constitution! ;-) ) I'd be more than happy to put it on the website.
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Matt B

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I'm playing with Epoch time! WHEEEEEEE!!!
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Epoch win! 
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Matt B

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+Andrew Stephens​ Best of luck...

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Be afraid. Be VERY afraid! ;-)
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