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Increased dankness of ROM ✅

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ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4
[Unofficial] Resurrection Remix [OTA][7.1.1_r9][1-12-17]


I have been trying to merge OMS to my ROM but have been having difficulties. So I was wondering if you could please offer some assistance.

I went to the root of my build and used git:
git fetch n-mr1-oms7
git fetch n-mr1-oms7
git fetch n-mr1-oms7
added <project path="packages/apps/masquerade" name="TeamSubstratum/masquerade" remote="github" revision="master" /> in default.xml
added "masquerade" under PRODUCT_PACKAGES in "vendor/config/"
I have issues with git cherry-pick <first_commit_sha1>^..<second_commit_sha1> I don't understand what i'm suppose to cherry-pick or how to do it. I'm really new to git. I've tried reading up on it but haven't found anything that helps.

I don't understand the OMS & CMTE logic at all. Its not like this is the only ROM. I see it as unfair not to include OMS as a temporary solution. Reason 1: All of the users really want the ability to fully theme. Reason 2: Other ROMs support OMS so the theme devs would still have support. Reason 3: I think it actually hurts theme devs because no one is buying the OMS themes to support current devs. Reason 4: Most theme devs generally have support for both (Iike for last gen devs had both layers and cm themes) Reason 5: No release date for CMTE is available to my knowledge. Reason 6: I think no OMS has been keeping many people from wanting to use this ROM. Reason 7: I agree that having two versions of the ROM for CMTE or OMS is a bad idea. However I think that using OMS temporarily until CMTE is available is a great idea. Reason 8: If you still don't official support this idea why not just leave it to the ROM dev to decide or put it to a vote? Just say its not officially recommended but left up to the dev.

I hope you come back to XDA you were the man

What's the difference between mako and zen?

I can't access the downloads tab...
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