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+Google better hurry before Apple copyrights #whitespace

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#whitespace was reserved for this guy.

I heard you like #whitespace so I put some #whitespace under your #whitespace so you can look at some #whitespace to the left of your #whitespace .

+Amanda Blain makes a post saying she wants to tag people on a picture which says that people who think they're intellectual or an artist aren't and they simply have internet, because somehow +Amanda Blain thinks she's better than everyone else. So I post a comment saying "Amanda Blain fits well into this." and I get banned from her profile. Normally I don't care about some retard on the net banning when they can't take the truth, but when it's over something so contradictory it pisses me off. I guess the almighty +Amanda Blain can dish it out but can't take it. Seriously look at the dumb bitch's posts.

"ITS ABOUT TIME" instead of "IT'S ABOUT TIME" and "Canadian is finally" instead of "Canada is finally."

She posts no original posts, instead she steals other peoples' pictures and says "OMG lol!!!11!!!one!!1 look at this." Even attention whores take a break.

Look at her about section. Can you be anymore stereotypical? I think she just googled "What do geek girls like" and copy and pasted the shit into it.

She claims she's a code monkey and can code and do pretty graphics. Yet look at her site, she uses a downloadable template, and is requesting graphic designers for her site!

+Nokia there's a little country called Australia. It has a few million people, nothing special. We have devices called mobile phones, some of them are actually from your company. My particular phone is an E7 and recently your company relased a new and improved "revolutionary" operating system for it. I and my fellow Australian symbian users would love to put this "revolutionary" operating system to good use, however we can't update our phones!!

Why can't we update our phones? Well because you haven't released Belle to Australia or New Zealand. WTF?! I hear you say to yourself. It's true. It baffles me how it's so hard to push through a new operating system to a region. Surely you would take the code, in English (American is like English) to save you some time, add the region's operator details such as network settings, shit like that. I assume you would have these on record since you've been selling phones here for a very long time and not much has changed.

But still, there's no update!! We have something called the internet now, maybe you've heard of it. This is the age of email, VPNs, FTP servers, intranets, extranets, surely there is some method you could do to send the operating system out to be coded or reviewed or whatever is taking your fucking time.

I've only ever had Nokia phones. I think they're great, better than that fucking faggy iPhone shit, and Android is just a tool to fellate Google's e-penis. I hate touch screen only phones, on my E7 I barely use the touch screen, that's why I bought a phone with full QWERTY keyboard. My last phone was the E71. But you're fucking inability to release a God damn simple thing as a mother fucking software update is bullshit and enough to drive me away from Nokia products.

For my next phone I really wanted one of your new Windows phones, hopefully you would have developed a keyboard phone by then. But your handling of this whole update is enough to put me off. I would even consider getting a fucking piece of shit iPhone, giving money to that fucking dead cancer faggot, than to your company.

And you know what was the tipping point? Your arrogant attitude to it. People have been asking on your own forums when the update for Australia will be. On your twitter, facebook, blog. The best you can reply with is "it will be released." How fucking informative of you. It's been over a month since the rest of the world received it, why the wait?

Nokia owners are a different breed to the brain dead Apple and Android systems. We care about our technology. We treat our phones like we treat our computers, we need them to be updated and maximising their full potential. Take a look at your profit history and think about why you're losing customers...

+Mike Shaw , another butthurt retard of the internet.

+Mike Elgan is just butthurt that he doesn't like the simple fact Apple product owners are retarded, gay, and a waste of space.

+Amanda Blain , fuck you you stupid dumb bitch.

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#pike #ows #Occupy

What pisses me off is dumb cunts on the internet see a biased video prepared by the OWS hippies about the pepper spray incident at UC Davis and then they think they know every God damn thing in the world. First look at an unedited video. Occupy Davis Part 1 click part 2 aswell. This is not a peaceful protest, a peaceful protest is sitting down, with signs, supporting each other. Not chanting that gets louder and louder and attacking security and resisting arrest. Now let's take a look at the University of California student code of conduct, which all students must adhere to while they are studying at the university.


Theft of, conversion of, destruction of, or damage to any property of the University, or any property of others while on University premises, or possession of any property when the student had knowledge or reasonably should have had knowledge that it was stolen.

They pitched tents, which destroy the lawn of the university which is the property of the university. Let's continue.


Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other University activities.

Can the gardeners tend to the gardens of the university while smelly hippy children are blocking access? What if there was a fire, can people be safely evacuated with such a loud and large crowd blocking access paths? Let's continue some more.


Disorderly or lewd conduct.

Loitering. Let's continue.


Participation in a disturbance of the peace or unlawful assembly.

How anyone can maintain peace there is beyond me. The "protestors" are disturbing a peaceful public place. Do the protestors have a licence to assemble on university property? I highly doubt it.


Failure to identify oneself to, or comply with the directions of, a University official or other public official acting in the performance of his or her duties while on University property or at official University functions; or resisting or obstructing such University or other public officials in the performance of or the attempt to perform their duties.

Trying to clear smelly hippy children is part of Lt. John Pike's job description. They refused clear orders, they broke the code of conduct. Let's continue some more!


Conduct, where the actor means to communicate a serious expression of intent to terrorize, or acts in reckless disregard of the risk of terrorizing, one or more University students, faculty, or staff. 'Terrorize' means to cause a reasonable person to fear bodily harm or death, perpetrated by the actor or those acting under his/her control. 'Reckless disregard' means consciously disregarding a substantial risk. This section applies without regard to whether the conduct is motivated by race, ethnicity, personal animosity, or other reasons. This section does not apply to conduct that constitutes the lawful defense of oneself, of another, or of property.

Imagine someone being confronted with this mob, it would strike fear into them. Mobs can easily turn violent and if you're not part of them you will feel terrorised whether there is intent to terrorise or not. The protestors recklessly disregarded public safety. People can trip over tent ropes, blocking access poses a fire risk.

The pepper spraying was a just act by the campus police and not one member of the police should lose their job or even see any disciplinary action against them.

#Occupy You want to know why you 99% don't have more money than the 1%? Look at who's protesting. Dirty, unkempt hippies. No wonder you can't get a fucking job. Get a haircut, shave, wear a suit. You don't become a CEO by smoking dope and protesting.

How dare you include me in your 99% group. I work hard, I'm not greedy, I don't expect everything to be handed to me. I can get fine on the minimum wage I get for hard work. To the CEOs, they worked hard, they studied hard, they had the motivation and commitment to be where they are. Yes they do deserve their salaries, they are the leaders of billion dollar companies, they are in charge of thousands of employees, they cope with stress as they make million and billion dollar decisions daily. #Occupy, you try to think clearly with your irrational emotions, dope smoking lifestyles.

80% of the world lives on less than $10 a day. If your income from all source is $71 or more a week, then you have nothing to complain about. You are in the top 20% wealthiest people on Earth.

Get the fuck out of the street and go out and develop your skills to get you a job. Get educated, work hard, move up the corporate ladder.
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