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Florian Haas
Open source cloud and HA guy, hastexo co-founder, entrepreneur, speaker.
Open source cloud and HA guy, hastexo co-founder, entrepreneur, speaker.

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Sorry to have to put this at the top. I delete comments that are abusive or off-topic, and quickly block commenters who combine that behavior with hiding behind a pseudonym and/or having a profile picture showing something other than their face.


Hi, I'm Florian. I'm bilingual (German/English), and occasionally pretend to speak other languages.

Google+ doesn't handle separating content by language very well, so I've decided to abuse Collections for that purpose.

If you'd like to see everything I post, just follow this profile. If you'd only like to see the content in a specific language, please go to and select that language. Thank you!

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Nailed it.


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I'm not an academic — is this approach to a research study considered proper and acceptable?

It's certainly well documented, has a consent form, and comes from a legitimate university (two, actually). The researchers are known by name, and their credentials are easy to google (even though a link to their bio pages would have been nice to include). It's also evidently not a commercial endeavor, so the fact that they scraped my email address off of GitHub doesn't make the notification message UCE.

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After Amsterdam, now Prague. SUSE are on a pretty good track when it comes to their European conference venues.

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Wer mich zur Abwechslung auf .de und in .at über #OpenStack reden hören will, kann das hier tun.


Gmail's spam filters: generally awesome, but they continue to baffle me. Like, why would anything mark as spam a PGP message from someone with whom I have regularly and repeatedly interacted for over a year, and where I not once flagged one of their messages?

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Whoa, Randy wrote something that I can agree with.

"There is a sweet spot. Quarterly updates for major feature changes and monthly updates for security fixes will increase your overall velocity, while keeping risk to a tolerable minimum. Any faster and you’ll be bleeding customers."

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Here is an airline with proper priorities.

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In Soviet Russia, lighthouse no radiate light. Lighthouse irradiate you!

"You'll hear from one of our support rockstars shortly." Oh please, @eventbrite.

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