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Hello all

Is there a nominated leader for this GEG group yet?

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Educators are often looking for more efficient ways to work with students. Google Apps for education provides most of what we need in one place.

It took several years, but the transition to Google is in full effect.


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Hello all,

Anyone trying anything new this year?

Let us know.

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Back to school today. Good luck to all my teacher pals. Want to try something new have a look at educanon, very cool!

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How to Use YouTube Videos in the Classroom 

Hello all,

Welcome to Tech Teaching in Nigeria. Please use this group as a focal point for discussing tech in Nigeria. Especially when it comes to implementing tech in the classroom or school.


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An interesting set of reflections, for sure. I think that those of us who travel around Africa see all too much of the situation you describe, and the issue to me is not so much solving access through BYOT as you suggest, but on investment in infrastructure to support this. Because lets face it, without fast reliable wifi connectivity which can support many (sometimes hundreds) of concurrent users, BYOT or any device provision scheme will fail to do anything more than substitute new ways for old.
There will be no transformation. And whilst we do of course need to encourage and facilitate 'first steps' we also need to manage expectations so as not to create a gap of disillusionment for both teachers and learners. Without this, Google Apps for Education will not be much use at all (or any other cloud-based MLE for that matter).  I sometimes think that the widening of the equity gap between private and public education is one of the biggest crimes currently being left undressed by governments across the continent (with a few notable exceptions). South Africa is one,if not the,  richest country on the continent.It has the resources to bring the infrastructure up to a fairly good standard - but the way money is spent in education needs to be thoroughly re-examined and reoriented, in my view. I know this is possible; I am fortunate enough to see it happening as I travel around. 

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