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More on the hair-raising news of totally drug-resistant TB in India: I dig back through the literature (with an assist from ProMED, whom if you don't follow, you should) and find the earliest recorded cases of TDR were not India, or Iran, but Italy in 2003. So, maybe stay away from places that start with a vowel. Just in case.
A follow-up to Monday's post on the recognition in India of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis, TDR-TB: The fantastic early-warning list Pr...
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Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and the Americas... There go all the continents - I guess the only safe spot is the moon!
two close family members were diagnosed and treated for TB, one in the 40s and one in the 50s. A cousin died of it. I have often wondered when TB would rear its ugly head back up as a threat to the developed world.
If it was first spotted in Italy, odds are pretty good it came from another vowel: AFRICA. UN has conquered polio in India, help them eradicate all the diseased they can everywhere, so we can focus on the nasty things that don't yet have cures.
maryn self effort is neccasary then medicure nows..specialy at this stage
Actually,we've got some cases in the US that have never been proven curable. The sufferers live in permanent quarantine. (Solitary confinement.). 
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