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Cory D
I am a loving father, passionate husband and faithful believer.
I am a loving father, passionate husband and faithful believer.

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Sidelined again with Multiple Sclerosis
Today is a day that has become all too common over the last few years.  A little over 3 years ago I would've told you that my wife's MS wasn't affecting her daily activities much.  We were living in Colorado, she was walking fine, working full time, and we ...

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New Beginnings with Multiple Sclerosis!
It's been months since I've posted about my Wife's MS and our life.  I keep meaning to update and share what we've been doing so over the next months I'm wanting to share about our newest experience with a Health Coach and Multiple Sclerosis.  If you've fol...

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Mold Toxicity or Multiple Sclerosis?
I haven't been able to post in awhile because of some major changes in our lives.  For the last year and a half my wife has struggled with numbness on her whole left side along with other extremities being numb including both hands and feet.  She's struggle...

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No Bowel Movements Equals MS Issues
OK, this isn't a fun subject to talk about but it's gotta be covered.  Literally the whole time I've known my wife, which is over 20 years, she has had issues with her gut and having bowel movements.  If you've done any research into digestive issues and di...

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Leg Issues in the Cold with MS
For the last year or so my wife's MS has caused her Right Leg to stiffen during Cold Weather.  She can literally walk outside and if it's cold enough, her leg will go stiff and she almost has to swing it to walk.  She's only had this issue in the last year,...

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My Wife Has MS Busted 400,000 Pageviews Today!
Seven years ago I started writing about my wife's MS and our journey as a family.  My wife was diagnosed with MS in 1990, and we have tried to share our experiences with anyone interested so that they might gain some insight into this crazy disease.  Today ...

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My Wife Just Quit Her Job Because of This
Seven months ago my wife and I moved our family back to Texas to start a new Business.  After spending over 7 years working in Children's Homes we were ready to take a break and start working towards building a Business so we could live life more on our ter...

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Stopped Stomach Issues for My Wife with MS
A few weeks ago my wife was at the Chiropractor and the Doc was sharing with us about Kombucha.  We headed to Whole Foods after the Adjustment and picked up a few different flavors of Synergy Kombucha.  The Chiropractor had explained how Kombucha has been s...

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Waking Up With Tingly Toes and Fingers
Does Multiple Sclerosis cause you to wake up with tingly fingers and toes?  That's what has been happening with my wife for a few months now.  Sometimes they are really tingly and other times it only lasts for a few minutes.  Sometimes it's only one foot or...

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This video is great any day of the year! #fatherhood 
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