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Kirsten Horton
Organizing. Planning. Studying. Teaching. Traveling. Writing.
Organizing. Planning. Studying. Teaching. Traveling. Writing.


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How to Declutter Your Office in 3 Easy Steps
I  recently started to clean our spare bedroom and closet (to make room for our baby!), and what do you think I found?  OFFICE SUPPLIES! Tons and tons of office supplies taking up ALL of his closet space!  Document boxes crammed full
of markers and notebook...

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Guest Post: The Art of Decluttering Your Home
Emily is back for another great guest post!  Today, she's talking about one of my all-time favorite things: DECLUTTERING!  Depending on your lot in life, ownership of property can be blessing or a curse.  Being a homeowner and adding to that home's value th...

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8 Steps to Prepare for Certification Exams
A normal test can be one thing, but a state certification exam can be quite another.  When I was working on my teaching certification, I had to sign up for and take five different Praxis Exams. It’s really intimidating to work so hard in school (or grad sch...

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Tips for Balancing Grad School and Real Life
“I’m Managing a full time job, full time grad school, and a social life…help!” Sound familiar?  Grad school is a pretty tough time in life because you typically have more responsibility than you did in undergrad.  Maybe you’re paying your own tuition for th...

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Dot Journaling Planning System + a GIVEAWAY!
I’m a sucker for a book on organizing. Or planning. Or both.  Have you ever tried to make a bullet journal? (Or, if you’re like me, you’ve just filled up an entire Pinterest board with bujo inspiration instead).  I’m always attracted to the ongoing list/jou...

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List of Lists to Keep in Your Planner
Lists are the best, aren’t
they? They can give you information, help you clear your mind, and (most
importantly) they look so lovely! I would say about 80% of my
“ Planner Ideas ” board on Pinterest consists of lists to keep in my planner .
(Speaking of pla...

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Best Organizing Blogs 2017
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a list of my favorite organizing blogs . And, I have to say, I’m pretty loyal to my favorites! However, thanks to Pinterest, I’m always finding new and awesome blogs that help keep life clean and tidy! Here are a few of m...

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Best Academic Planners for 2017-2018
Even though I’m an adult
living in adult-world, I’m still a teacher, which means that I still use
academic planners! They just work so much better for my life than a traditional January-December spread would. Right now, I’m using a
pretty Karen Adams Design...

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7 Fresh Starts for a Fresh New Month! :)

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7 Ways to Declutter Your Life This Month
Can you believe it’s already July? Wait. Was that dramatic enough? Let me try it again… OMG! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S JULY?!  Is it just me or is time really flying by lately?  People told me this would happen when I got old er .  I really like to think of the ...
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