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Big move by +Tesla Motors to follow the open source spirit. Very good move, hopefully this serves as a good example to not hinder innovation in many other areas as well.

Though I really love Google Now, sometimes it is really scary...
Not that it would show something special, but it sometimes shows news about things I am interested in though I know that I have not done anything in this area within the Google Ecosystem...

For those who wonder it has been news about NCAA

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Day one of +sapphirenow is over, had a lot of great conversations. The chameleon did not eat all the nuts yet, so make sure to stop by tomorrow. The chameleon and the +SUSE team is waiting for you!
#SAPPHIRENOW #WheresTheChameleon 
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Go nuts with the +SUSE chameleon at +sapphirenow tomorrow. Make sure to stop by!
#sapphirenow #suse #wheresthechameleon 

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This can be a lot of fun! I am excited to see the results!
Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for the most epic contest to ever grace the Internet: “Where’s the Chameleon?”

Step 1) Take a picture with the SUSE Chameleon.  (A plushie, a printed picture or even a real chameleon will work in a pinch.)

Step 2) Post that picture to the social network of your choice (Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus).  Make sure to use the hashtag “#WheresTheChameleon” and tag SUSE (@SUSE on Twitter,@SUSEWorldwide on Facebook, +SUSE on Google Plus) in your post.

Step 3) That’s it! The deadline for entries is August 31st.  Winning entries will be announced on September 2nd.

More details:


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True story!
If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple

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A true story

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P2Y aka +Elena Kuprienko ist eine aktive Enlightened-Agentin im Raum Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland. Wir brauchen 1.000 +1 für dieses Foto, um Sie zu einem Faction Change zu bringen und der Resistance beizutreten. Hilf mit! Unterstütze uns mit Deinem +1!

Deine Mithilfe ist gefragt, es ist ganz einfach!
1.) Share diesen Post mit möglichst vielen Deiner Kontakte und bitte Sie den Post genauso weiter zu sharen.
2.) Setz ein +1 bei dem Original-Beitrag und dem Foto als Zeichen Deiner Unterstützung.

Zeig durch Deinen Einsatz dass die Resistance gemeinsam alles erreichen kann. Zeig P2Y den richtigen Weg in unsere Community. Gemeinsam sind wir stark! Resist! Unite!

Mehr Informationen hier:

English translation
P2Y aka +Elena Kuprienko is a very active enlightened agent in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. We need 1.000 +1 for this picture for her to apply for a faction change and join the resistance. Show your support by a +1!

Your help is needed, and it's very easy!
1 ) Share this post with as many of your contacts and please ask them to reshare it, too.
2 ) Put a +1 in the original post and the photo as a sign of your support.

With this small effort you can show what the resistance can achieve together. Show P2Y the right way to community. Together we are strong! Resist! Unite!

French translation
P2Y aka +Elena Kuprienko est une agent illuminée active dans la région de Fribourg (en Brisgau) en Allemagne. Nous avons besoin de 1000 “+1” sur l’image ci-jointe pour qu’elle change de faction et rejoingne la résistance. Montrez votre soutien par un “+1” !

Aidez nous, c’est très simple !
1 ) Partagez cet article avec le plus grand nombre de vos contacts et demandez-leurs d’en faire autant.
2 ) Mettez un “+1” dans le message original et sur la photo en signe de votre soutien.

Grâce à ce geste, vous pouvez montrer ce que la résistance peut réaliser ensemble. Montrez à P2Y le chemin de la communauté de la resistance ! Ensemble, nous sommes forts ! Résistez ! Unissez-vous !

Italian translation
P2Y aka +Elena Kuprienko è un'agente degli Illuminati molto attiva a Freiburg im Breisgau in Germania. Abbiamo bisogno di 1000 +1 su questa foto così che lei si convinca a cambiare fazione e passare alla Resistenza. Mostrate il vostro supporto mettendo il vostro+1!

C'è bisogno del tuo aiuto, è molto semplice!
1 ) Condividi questo post con il maggior numero di contatti e chiedi anche a loro di condividerlo.
2 ) Metti il tuo +1 sul post originale della foto per dichiarare il tuo sostegno

Con questo piccolo gesto puoi dimostrare di cosa è capace la Resistenza quando collabora tutta insieme.
Fai vedere a P2Y cosa significa essere una community. 
Insieme siamo fortissimi!
Resistenza! Unione!

More background information here:

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Sollte die +Techniker Krankenkasse nicht eher vor den Gefahren des Mausarms warnen?
Trotzdem alles gute Maus.
Heute solltet Ihr besonders zärtlich doppelklicken ;-) Die Maus wird 45! Wir sagen: Happy Birthday, kleine Maus!
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