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Blogtrottr and Craigslist
You've probably noticed that your Craigslist
subscriptions have been increasingly slow to update recently, and
regretfully I must announce that, due to blocks implemented by
Craigslist, we're now no longer able to reliably access their RSS

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Microsoft stop security notification emails
Since July 1st, Microsoft have suspended certain email security notifications , meaning that Windows system administrators and security professionals may need to adapt their monthly "Patch Tuesday" routine in order to keep up with the latest security update...

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A serious vulnerability has recently been uncovered in several recent versions of OpenSSL, a software library that is used for handling secure communications on many websites.   Netcraft estimate that around 17% of SSL webservers are affected by the bug. I'...

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"First they came for the pornography, and I didn't speak out..."

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Luna is one extremely pretty, quick, and well put together Linux distro, with a strong focus on design and user experience.  Definitely one to keep an eye on.
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