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+Android Developers Where would I report an issue with android documentation on ?

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This is more inspirational to me than it should be...

Can't sleep cause I know in less than 10 hours I'll be wearing my Google Glass!!!

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Hello Glass Enthusiasts and Explorers, 
Since “DrivingwithGlassgate” occurred last week it became very apparent that most advice given about why not to have Glass on behind the wheel came from people who had never tried on Glass. The world is mis-informed and I feel as Explorers, we have failed in educating our friends, neighbors, and families. I know, it sounds harsh but lets face it, thats why we are explorers.
Yesterday +Cecilia Abadie of #freeCecilia  fame came up with a brilliant idea to activate the +Society of Glass Enthusiasts ("SoGE") to lead the charge on this front to educate the world. Well, since the Glass Etiquette Cards from last March sparked such interesting debate, I thought I’d resurrect the perfect sequel to that project. Introducing Glass Education Cards

Stay tuned to the official SoGE page and your local SoGE chapters for plans on how to use these “cards” in the real world.

More to come, ideas welcome!
#glasseducationproject #operationGED
SOGE Cards & Art
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Already have the client side work done for my first #GoogleGlass  idea, now I just need access to the Mirror API so I can work on the server side. My glass couldn't get here fast enough.

Yay, seems like $1,700 is missing now. My order went straight from pending to delivered and I never got a tracking number. #Glass

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Everyone is receiving their #GoogleGlass , and I'm just sitting here waiting, impatiently refreshing my order page hoping it updates to shipped. 

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Just got a Google Glass invitation thanks to +Chris Jenkins something I find odd is the earbud he is using is blue instead of grey. 

Looking forward to the future's of blogging about glass. :)

Interesting, looks like the Google Glass v2 includes a USB earbud, would be neat and cut down on the number of open ports needed.
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