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Professional AdWords Manager and AdWords Top Contributor

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Short story ident

Can anyone name this short story? It was probably written around 50 years ago, possibly more, and is all about a young man's attempt to pass the exam for working a post office counter. It's set in the future (from the point of view of the time of writing) where the post office is responsible for most of the important daily requirements of the city and the counter operators have to work with a huge complex machine that processes the demands of the customers. The protagonist is being put through his paces by a series of customers with bizarre requests.

No clues, I'm afraid, any ideas welcomed...

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I love visiting the UK's ancient churches, not for the religious aspect, but because they contain such great architecture and history. One of my particular fascinations is the graffiti that can usually be found on walls, doors and any other surfaces.

This is a particularly good example, on the effigies of Edmund Tudor and Lady Margaret Beaufort (the mother of Henry VII) in Wimborne Minster, Dorset. I'm uncertain of the age of the effigies themselves, although they're likely to date from the early 16th Century (Beaufort founded the chapel in the Minster in 1496 and died in 1509). Near the bottom of the image are the very clearly carved initials "RF" and the date 1617 (it was 17, even though the photo makes it look a bit like 47). It's quite thought provoking to wonder who "RF" was, carving his initials into this monument, 400 years ago, when it was relatively new.

Anyone who thinks graffiti is a modern curse should visit an ancient church...

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I'm not convinced of the usefulness, or demand, of this sort of colour mixing. I can see how cool it would be to print in colour, but there's a big difference between printing highly accurate full colour, and simply being able to mix filaments to change colours approximately . I'd be surprised (pleasantly so) if this printer could, for example, print a human face with appropriately coloured lips, eyes, hair and skin tones, for example. Any tech that mixes filaments in this way is going to be subject to quite large errors in terms of when that "new" colour appears at the end of the nozzle, so unless it purges almost constantly, it'll at best be able to produce artistic objects that vary in colour, but not precisely. That's nice, but it's not terribly useful from a business point of view.

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Who said an overly complex plot is a bad thing?
"Genre Soup," or, "[Editor], when you said the author of the series you just bought was a model, I didn't think you meant a Markov model."

h/t +Jaym Gates and KC Cole.

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A nice simple guide from Canon about 3D Printing:

What a shame they chose not to mention FDM printing, and how embarrassing that the image they've chosen to use on the page (4) discussing printing technologies is of an FDM printer - a Velleman K8200 unless I'm mistaken.

So they not only couldn't find an image of the technologies they're promoting, but the image they used was from another manufacturer.

Gives me a lot of confidence Canon, top marks! 

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Anyone done any printing with this filament (or another "stone" filament)? I've got some potential use for this, but need an idea of problems/usefulness. I've got steel nozzles so that shouldn't be a problem, but they're 0.4mm, will I need larger?

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Octoprint w/RPi official 7" Touchscreen
Anyone built one of these recently ? I was hoping to build a stand-alone print controller such as seen here:

but am having no luck. I can get OP to work and the screen in console mode, but can't get a GUI running (config to boot to GUI sends me into a maze of dependancies). The poster of this video says he used an older version and now can't remember how he made it work.

Most of the other content I've seen online suggests the latest version should virtually work out of the box, any advice?

All Metal Hot End & PLA
I've just received two lovely all metal hot ends from Micro Swiss which I had intended to replace both ends on my FF Creator Pro. However, I read today that all metal ends can cause problems with PLA jamming so I'm now wondering if I shouldn't just replace one, leaving the other as the PLA nozzle.

Anyone any experience (good or bad) of using all metal ends with PLA.

Is Netfabb down?
I've been trying to run a few models through it over the past few days and it stalls at the "Repair" phase and never completes. Tried various models, even very simple ones, no joy. Anyone else had success?

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The amazing Roman walls at Silchester, UK. I love this place; never developed after it was abandoned, the walls are still 12ft high in places, pretty much intact for the entire circumference. The walls you're looking at here are about 1750 years old. The final photo of the landscape shows, past the first field boundary, the far wall on the other side of the town. The interior is now all fields, apart from a few buildings and the always present archaeological digs.
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