Something like MHR's Doom Pool for Fate Core. (Stealing from myself over on RPGnet and expanding a bit.)

For those who don't know: MHR stands for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, a supers game powered by Cortex Plus. It's got a thingy called the Doom Pool, which measures more or less how screwed the heroes are and gives that fact mechanical weight. There are numerous rules widgets whereby different character abilities interact with the Doom Pool in different ways, increasing it as a cost for spiffy abilities. It takes the form of a literal pool of dice that the GM can use to roll and spend for various things.

So, how would you do something like that in Fate?

To some degree it already exists. The GM gets a pool of fate points to spend on stuff like NPC aspects. This does some of the stuff that a Doom Pool does, in that it controls to a degree how much of a resource the GM has to empower NPCs to fight the PCs.

It does, however, lack a big about choices for the players. They can always compel the aspects of NPCs, but you could set it up to do more than that. You could, for instance, add a category of stunts that have an associated cost of the GM's fate pool growing; this would be a lesser cost than spending a fate point, because it doesn't directly cost you anything. A greater cost than spending a fate point would be spending one to power a stunt, then that fate point goes into the GM's fate pool.

You wouldn't have to use both of these, of course. But what they do is offer the players options for how to build a variety of stunts with different costs, and in ways that interact with the GM's resources. Add in a bit of narration about the PCs powers causing some sort of havoc on the environment, and you've got yourself something of a Doom Pool stand in.

But what if you want something more lasting? What if you want something for those times when the environment gets wrecked, innocent bystanders get hurt, and the whole city ends up pissed off that the X Men didn't manage to save New York City without causing a bunch of damage? (Or whatever analogy you want there.)

Thankfully, there are Collateral Consequences from Kerberos Club. There's a whole system associated with them, so if you don't know you might want to find a copy and read the rules.

The short version is that they let you shunt incoming stress off onto the environment rather than taking it to your character's face. This damage is applied to a limited selection of consequences that reflect things like harmed bystanders, knocked down buildings, and similarly harmful things that make everyone hate you. You have an opportunity to heal the damage of lesser consequences, but the rest stick around more or less indefinitely and make everyone continue to hate you.

Taking those and applying a little Fate Core logic to them, they act as justification for things like setting difficulties for social rolls. Gave the city a CC of Shattered Skyscrapers? Well, that affected everyone living or working in the city, and it affected the lives of people's loved ones, so welcome to an obstacle applied to your life based on these things. Because -- as we all know -- aspects are always true.

Some combination of these two ideas should supply a fairly good stand in for a Doom Pool without needing to apply anything too far from the central ideas of Fate Core.
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