Quick stats for minor NPCs: A Mode based solution that I don't think I've seen mentioned.

Want to make some stats for NPCs? Don't like hand wavy stuff? Have some Modes worked up for your setting?

Grab the most applicable Mode and give it to the NPC. If the NPC is pretty much a mook, rate the skills at +1. If the character is a bit more competent, rate them at +2. Add appropriate aspects. That's it.

For example, let's say that you want to come up with a random dwarf. She's a respected member of the community, but not an adventurer type. So you toss on an aspect (Big in the dwarf community) and you give her the dwarf template from page 31 of the Toolkit rated at +2. Now you've got a character with four specific skills, an aspect, and a dwarf appropriate aspect extra (probably dark vision or something).

And that's it.

I mention this because I know someone who always wants to have example NPCs statted up and he complains if he doesn't get them. I figure that he can't be the only person, so I figured I'd share a super simple way of making generic NPCs on the fly, quickly and easily. And I don't think I've seen Modes mentioned in any other context but using the normal PC char-gen rules. So there.
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