This is inspired by a thread elsewhere. I'm not going to point people there because I'd like to see if there are fresh answers here.

If you had to name one thing, what would you say is the single most impactful change or new item in Fate Core as compared to prior versions of Fate?

I'm basically asking what you think is the largest, most important single change Fate Core made as far as how it affects you and your game. You have to name one and only one such change, so take a second to consider which one you think has the biggest impact. The one that most makes you think, "This is really different than other Fate games."

Some people have already given some wonderful answers to this question, but I'd like to see if there are some new ones here. And, yes, to some degree this is cheerleading, but more importantly it's a thing that you can point someone at in order to inform them about how Fate Core is different.

So please, what's the single most impactful change for you?
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