I was thinking about how to do Exalted in Fate Core. It was one of two settings I spent time thinking about while hiking earlier. (The other is Avatar, which I already mentioned earlier.)

For the most part, it's pretty easy to do up.

The basic Skill list wants a little love and organization. Intimidation gets turned into Presence, which is similar except more broadly about emotions in general. Lore gets split into Lore and Occult. I don't know what it does, but I feel like I need to add War. That makes 20.

Dawn: Fighting, Physique, Shooting, War
Zenith: Empathy, Presence, Rapport, Will
Twilight: Craft, Investigation, Lore, Occult
Night: Athletics, Burglary, Notice, Stealth
Eclipse: Contacts, Deceit, Drive, Resources

The alternative is to split Will into Will and Integrity and have Integrity apply to body changing things. Then nix War, turn Presence back into Intimidation, and move Intimidation under Dawn If I can't think of good things to do with War, that's likely to happen.

Probably use columns instead of pyramid because it makes it easier to hand out different numbers of Skill points. Since I'm in a Solars as first among equals mood, probably give one total to Celestials, one to Terrestrials, and one to heroic types.

Stunts as normal, but be careful to theme them to fit your Exalted type. Celestials get one amount, Terrestrials fewer, and heroic types fewest. Heroic types are stuck with normal Stunts, while Exalts and similar beings can make Extras out of them.

Insert something about the broadest and tallest Extras you can make out of Stunts, as determined by Exalted type.

MA is nothing special. You just buy your Stunts and say, "This here is Tiger Style," and shit like that. Doing 2 extra damage on unarmed attacks with Fight? Tiger Style, baby.

Sorcery might be an issue. I mostly want to have it be stuff off of Occult, but then again, I don't like the idea of sticking more or less your whole collection of Stunts into making Occult have like 50 trappings.

One alternative is to come up with some small number of Sorcery Skills based on function. Each has a couple of Stunts you can buy, and it does weird stuff based on which Skill and which Stunts.

For instance, the Summoning Skill. You can summon a number of demons or elementals that totally doesn't matter. The Skill has overcome (which you determine based on the types of thingies), create advantage (the same), attack, and defend. Here's the catch: Defend only works when the summoned thingies defend themselves, not you.

And it acts like a character. If the skill is 1-2 it's got a Minor Consequence, add a Moderate if 3-4, add a Severe if 5 or higher. It rolls the skill for everything. It doesn't have a stress track. You can dedicate a number of Stunts to it, which it gets to use instead of you.

If it kicks, you don't get to use your Summoning Skill until you get a chance to summon more stuff.

Anima banners going all glowy is some combination of Compels on the character's High Concept and the price you pay to succeed at failure and ties. No special system necessary at all.

Aspects are:

High Concept (must explicitly include Caste)
Trouble/Curse (must be Virtue based)
Motivation (tell me what you want, what you really really want)
2 Intimacies (related to characters, places, or ideas)

One alternative to the Skill list is to just use five Skills, based on Castes. You get one at 0 through 4. Each one has all four actions as options.

So Eclipse for instance might have:

Overcome obstacles based on societal rules, bureaucratic structures, or political boundaries.

Create advantages based on being proper in society, using an organization, or bargaining.

Attack a political structure, alliance, or other social group.

Defend against slander or attempts to use rules against you.

This latter idea lets you make a totally reasonable Malfeas Skill that allows you to create advantages by rocking out and mindlessly dancing. Which is kind of neat.

Oh, and maybe each Exalt gets a free Stunt based on Caste.
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