Anyone got any thoughts on how to do Nobilis in Fate Core?

Nobilis is a game where you have character capabilities that run from, "Basically a normal, average person," up through being able to literally pull the sun down from the sky and put it into your pocket. Often as PCs in the same group.

Not only are the capabilities of characters highly variable in terms of power, but they're also highly variable in terms of what you can accomplish. One character might be able to make yellow addictive, another might be able to do what amounts to Earth Bending, and a third might have the powers of Silver Age Superman. (And the character with Superman's powers might literally BE Superman, who stepped out of a kid's comic book.)

So, any thoughts on how you'd do that in Fate Core?

My first thought is to toss out stress and consequences as they work now. Instead, consequences are your way -- much like in how Nobilis works now -- to avoid having people do stuff to you. Someone says, "I'm going to turn you into a duck," and rolls their skill against you. You say, "Nuh uh," but your roll fails. So you can choose to either be a duck or to take some appropriate consequence that represents your essential you-ness rejecting the alien duck-ness.

(By the way, I'm really happy to have gotten to type that sentence.)

What are your thoughts on this? When I say, "This," I mean the whole topic. You may choose to comment on the consequences/stress thing if you wish, or you could avoid mentioning it. Whatever. I'm just sort of curious about how you'd work it.
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