Consequences and the recent conversation about the extent to which aspects of all sorts are always true.

One complaint I've heard a lot from new players is that consequences don't make a lot of sense to them. You've got a broken leg, and it only matters if someone spends a fate point? Weird.

So here's a thought for you all: If aspects are always true, then that broken leg should matter whether someone spends a fate point or not. Spending the fate point just makes it matter more.

This means that the broken leg should typically act as an obstacle. Want to move a zone? Well, now there's an obstacle there, so that first zone's not free any more. Even your 133t speed power that lets you ignore terrain obstacles and zoom around doesn't ignore the obstacle from your own broken leg, so your speedster with a broken leg is kind of screwed.

One of the other example things is how an aspect can act as justification for rolling a skill when you might not normally be able to do so. Like how you might use your flame magic type skill to put up a wall of flame and then be able to use your magic skill to block people from moving into your zone. The design space where Blocks live, in other words.

Let's say that you've got a consequence on you saying that you're terrified of someone. They really put the whammy on you. Now they might be able to justify using their Provoke to block you from moving through their zone, past them, and out the door to safety.

This shouldn't be a revelation to any of the hardcore Fate Core people. But it's something that I don't recall seeing anyone mention explicitly, so I figured I'd put it out there.
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