Collateral damage happens when you fight the Hulk.

There's a concept from Kerberos Club: Collateral Consequences. Players get to shunt damage they receive into their environment rather than take it on their characters. Some  you can fix, and some stay forever. This represents getting knocked through buildings, having sections of the city burn down, and the death of innocent civilians. Since they're Consequences, they're also aspects, so you can compel them to do stuff like have someone in a position of power mess with you because their relative was in the bit of the city that burned, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

I find these mechanics very satisfying for the most part. They've got mechanical rules that you can interact with and modify to change up the genre slightly. For instance, for more comic book stasis type settings, you can make healing the things a bit easier. Introduce a PR department element to the game, someone to try to play down the downside of collateral damage and make the public love you again.

The problem is -- and I very rarely say thing -- the system is entirely player facing. It's a resource for the players. The reason that fighting someone like the Hulk does more collateral damage is because he's got a big damage modifier, not because he's a walking natural disaster. Having him directly do collateral Consequences to the scene is problematic because, 1. it takes a player resources away, possibly without them getting to try to resist, 2. there isn't any system in place for it to happen, so I'd be making anything up, and why not see if I can just make something up that solves the first problem as well?

I considered compels and successes with a cost and rejected both for my purposes.

Compels only matter if they hurt you. Hulk doesn't care. When he's raging, he smashes because Hulk smashes. Environmental destruction is his thing, and he doesn't regret it. "You did that, but you wrecked the city!" "Uh, sounds good to me. Free fate points! Weeeee!" That's a problem.

Likewise success with a cost. A cost is only a cost if, well, it costs you something. If you don't care, it's not a cost. It's just a thing that also happened.

So neither of those work the way I want. Collateral Consequences don't work the way I want. I need some additional system that can be used both by players and the GM to wreck the environment. Preferably something that isn't complicated and adds zero additional rolls during fight scenes.

My initial thought is to run something sort of like Kerberos Club's system. The PCs can soak extra damage by letting themselves get tossed through things and wreck the world. But! Certain NPCs inflict stress on the world just by acting.

I just need to figure out how to do this exactly to make it simple, fun, and not over too quickly.
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