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I've been watching some random YouTube videos about Twin Peaks, and I'm reminded of a fact that for some reason keeps falling out of my head: Sheryl Lee (who plays Laura Palmer and Madeline Ferguson on the show) can emit shrieks more terrible than anyone else I've ever heard.

They seriously send shivers down my spine.

I'm thinking of putting one of my little brother's Christmas presents into a miniature fortress.

It's a shirt, and right now it's in a bag. So I can tape that up, and put the bag into a shipping envelope, and then close that. Then that can go into a box. No, wait. Another, larger envelope, then into the box. Then the box gets (thoroughly) taped shut and wrapped in paper.

I'll just need to make sure I'm there to prevent him from cutting it in half with a knife or something once he's taken out a couple of layers.

I dreamed that I was wandering around in a suburban neighborhood when I saw -- and was forced to hide from -- an ogre.

It had grey flesh that looked like sculpted clay. Despite being slumped over, it stood maybe 7 1/2 feet/ 2 1/4 meters tall, with arms that hung down near the ground. From the top of its head stood a crown of what I thought at first were horns, but which turned out to be small, living saplings.

Without making a sound, it exuded an overpowered presence of silent menace and a readiness to perform terrible violence at the first opportunity.

I hid in some bushes and hoped that it would walk the other way. But I woke up, and that was fine, too.

Picture a scene of disaster. A concrete wall has collapsed, and a section of it pins the leg of one person. Several passers by have come to the rescue, using beams and pipes to move the concrete for long enough to pull the person from beneath it.

A doctor cuts a trouser leg open, expecting to reveal a mass of tattered flesh, torn muscle, blood, and shattered bone, instead revealing... plush.

"I'm part Muppet," the individual says to the doctor. "On my mother's side."

How did I not know until just a minute ago that there'll be another (short) season of The X Files in January? That's nuts.

Dreamed I was playing a game of solitaire when I suddenly realized that the deck I was using had 3 black 7s showing. I was annoyed to realize that I'd been playing with a messed up deck, but I woke up so I didn't have to deal with that.

GPlus notifications are totally fucked today.

It keeps telling me that there are new posts on threads, but when I follow the notification, the newest one it shows is from like 10 hours ago. This has happened constantly, with a handful of threads. So I'm not sure if those posts from earlier today are having some weird notification echo thing going on, or if for some reason I'm getting notifications but it won't let me see new posts.

I've tried it on my Linux laptop using Chromium and on my Android phone, and it's the same thing both ways.

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Hey, wait. My thin fleece gloves fit underneath my slightly thicker, slightly too large fleece gloves.

I have this problem where my fingers get cold and I don't like it. But if I buy thick gloves, my hands sweat like crazy, to the point where it starts to soak through bits of the gloves and make my hands miserably cold. It's a thing, and it's bad.

So I tend to use single layer fleece gloves. If it gets super windy, like it is today in some spots around town, I'll stick my gloved hands into my pockets. That keeps the wind off, and it's acceptable.

But I realized today that one set of gloves will fit inside the other pretty comfortably. The double layer of fleece breaths enough that it doesn't trigger the thing where my hands sweat like mad, but it's thick enough to stop the wind. And best of all, I can pull off the outer gloves when my hands get too warm, but the light ones are still there. So I can totally do the layers thing.

It's brilliant.

One advantage of reworking all the wiring on my computer and its associated electronics is that I can actually reach the power switch on the power strip. I used to have to reach way back with my foot and hit it with my big toe.

I admit that I like hiding power strips, but sometimes convenience just has to win out.
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