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Years ago, a person parked a car on my foot, saw that they'd done so, and then walked away while I struggled to get my foot from underneath their car's tire.

If that person appeared in front of me right now, I'd beat the shit out of them. And I don't think that makes me bad.
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In a perfect world, The Dark Tower would be a TV series shot totally out of order, over the course of years, then showed in the order of the books as 7 seasons.

This is obviously totally insane. I understand. There's just absolutely no way in the world that anyone -- actors, script writers, directors, studio execs, etc -- would ever, ever risk their time and money on something like that. They would need to literally know the future for sure before it would happen.

But, man, would it be cool. Actors being younger in the bits where they're supposed to be younger, actually getting older for the parts where they're supposed to be. And enough time dedicated to the thing to actually cover the stuff that's important to the books.

I guess that's the argument for animation. Although I'd be way, way less satisfied by an animated series than by a live action one.
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Which is better? Fighting Nazis who've been hiding in Hollow Earth, or fighting Nazis who've been hiding on the moon?
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Hollow Earth!
The moon!
Both at the same time!!
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Bought a Dunks coffee. It had a game piece on it with a thingy for another coffee of any size for a dollar. Bought another coffee for a dollar. It had a game piece on it with a thingy for a free bagel with cream cheese.

Thus far I have no problem with this.
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Am I an awful person because I sort of want to use Lawrence O'Donnell complaining about hammers as a notification sound on my phone?
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Dreamed that there was snow. LOTS of snow. Like, roads closed, city shut down, state of emergency amounts of the stuff.

But I didn't even get to use my snowshoes or cross country skis.
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Wait. I've got a distinct memory of pouring the water for a cup of tea, but no memory of drinking one. Nor is there a tea mug in here.

Crap. That means that there's a really cold mug of tea sitting neglected on the counter in the kitchen. Tea-neglect is sad.
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When exploring a universe filled with different human populations, it's important to remember:

Well over 90% of them will resemble poorly researched versions of historical Earth civilizations. They'll look about how you'd expect if you read just the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article about that time and place in history. And there won't be any significant amount of cultural variation, so expect different villages (and most will be villages) to be essentially interchangeable. Even different nations will be more or less the same, except for one or two very minor, easy to remember points.

They'll also either speak something mostly like modern English (but without contractions, and with a small handful of archaic sounding words) or a language derived from one in Earth history (with few enough changes, even over thousands of years, that someone who speaks that Earth language will be able to communicate seamlessly).
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Holding a cell phone camera up to the eyepiece of a monocular adds an instant telephoto effect.

It's just that the slightest wiggle in the connection completely fucks the focus. Which, now that I've messed around with this a little, is probably why they make little widgets that act as a physical interface between the two. So that you don't spend your entire time trying to get your target back in focus and then need to ask the person beside you to hit the button and take the shot, because moving your finger ruins the focus.

It also adds a completely charming round bit to the image. Because the phone's camera is wider than the eyepiece of a monocular, so the rest of the screen is black.

This might let me take some pictures of animals without needing to get so close to the things that I could touch them. I always give up on getting shots of deer because I can't get close enough to them so that they're not a tiny brown shape in the trees. Maybe this will help with that.
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The lock screen of my phone tells me to touch and hold it.

And I'm like, baby. I barely know you.
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