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I have no idea at what exact time the doomsday nutters think the apocalypse will hit us, but one supposes it's counted on Yucatan time. I have no idea when the Mayan day started either, which makes the hour even more difficult to predict for me. Be that as it may, if it hasn't hit by 17:00 Finnish time, I'll drink a toast to the end and then proceed with getting plastered. All in the honour of the ancient Mayans and their calendar, of course (-:)
I think we can basically call it a day in the next couple of hours, once the sun is up and the baktun-flipping rituals are over. Nevertheless, I'll be keeping track of what's going on, or not going on, in updates throughout the day. Thanks for your report, +Jouni Pohjola, and I'll try to put some akvaviitti or other suitable beverage on ice for a toast as well.
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