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On Pushback, Progress and Promise
by J J Cohen I offered a version of this note this morning on a friend's Facebook feed after she posted about sadness, frustration and anger in the aftermath of the personal and social media backlash against medievalists of color and their work in the wake ...

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2 posts by Angie Bennett
my favorite picture of any medievalist ever (from AB's post )  by J J Cohen Anything that Angie Bennett writes is well worth your time, but these especially: two beautifully written pieces examining the entanglement of the personal, the professional, the po...

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David Wallace on Europe: A Literary History
by J J Cohen Writing cultures continue to matter, even as they become ever more intricately involved with digital, video, and other technologies and less exclusively associated with the paper page . So observes David Wallace in a recently published intervie...

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Critical Posthumanism site
by J J Cohen Readers of this blog may be interested in the new Critical Posthumanism site, which contains a multi-authored and carefully curated genealogy that does not ignore the past. A complete list of entries is HERE , and the international Critical Pos...

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veering into #ASLE17
by J J Cohen Detroit street late at night, near Wayne State U I'm just back from Detroit and the Rust / Resistance conference, which also happened to celebrate twenty-five years of the flourishing of ASLE (an organization whose work has become even more urg...

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GW MEMSI 2017-18: Big Events!
Please mark your calendar now for a symposium and a celebration as the GW Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute (GW MEMSI) celebrates ten years of community-making and capacious welcome. Monday October 16 The Future of the Past:  Race, Inclusion, Chan...

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Drinking and Conferencing at the Chronicle
by J J Cohen Readers may be interested in the short advice piece I wrote for the Chronicle of Higher Education on Drinking and Conferencing . The column began as a blog post here at ITM , and that in turn came from a Twitter conversation : the power of soci...

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Hosting the Inhuman in Moscow
Karen Sakisov, Daria Kalugina and me at the exhibit by J J Cohen I'm just back from Moscow, where I gave a presentation at the v-a-c foundation 's wonderful " Hosting the Inhuman " exhibit. Designed as a welcoming but nondescript hotel with various rooms, e...

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Medieval historian David Perry in the Washington Post: As we mourn the martyrs in Portland, care for the wounded and support the women who were initially targeted, we shouldn’t ignore the danger that racist appropriation of the medieval past presents. Ameri...

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Every ark is an invitation
by J J Cohen An ark is a strongbox in which are conserved against cataclysm an inadequate number of new beginnings. An ark is built through violence. Its hospitality is extended at cost. An ark's delineating and defensive walls will inevitably prove porous,...
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