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The importance of hiring an experienced home inspector over an amateur

The process of buying a house/home is not in any way similar to the process of buying a piece of electronic item e.g. a television set. This is because there are absolutely no guarantees for home purchase deals. In short, once you have paid for your house, it is yours hence you are liable and responsible for any repairs which may be required such as windows replacement, installation of or fixing of heating and Air conditioning units, fixation of cracks on the foundation etc all of which are not cheap.

Good news is, you can avoid being tricked into paying for a poorly constructed house by simply hiring an experienced home inspector. This however, should be done with a lot of caution since there are a few amateur inspectors who though they may have the expertise, they may not be having the level experience and exposure required to provide sound advice to help you make the right decisions when out shopping for a house.

To help you understand better the importance of hiring an experienced home inspector over an amateur, consider the following:

i. An experienced home inspector is competent and organized. This means the house which you are interested in will be thoroughly inspected ground up in a systematic manner leaving no stone unturned. In fact, the inspection process will be focused on establishing the state / condition of important items installed around the house such as gas lines, the foundation, structure of the walls, doors, roof, basement, heating, cooling, electrical as well as plumbing systems.

Hiring an amateur on the other hand does not in any way guarantee a thorough inspection which emphasis on finding out as much as possible about the condition of the house with emphasis on the above mentioned items. In short an experienced home inspector is able to easily tell whether the construction of the home and any installations made are of required standards [something which an newbe inspector cannot easily tell since they lack experience].

ii. An experienced home inspector enjoys a lot of exposure in the field, plus they are are well connected. This in turn makes it easy to apply his/her inspection skills with ease especially when hired to inspect potential homes picked out by home shoppers as top choices from the real estate market. . amateur inspectors on the another hand are mostly starting off their career meaning they are less exposed hence not in the best position to provide any meaningful advice when inspecting homes put up for sale.

iii. An experienced home inspector though might charge slightly higher than armature inspectors, he/she is able to easily point out any flaws which may be present and share his views almost immediately. In fact, once they carry out their own assessment of the condition that the house is in, they are able to present it in a manner which is very easy to comprehend in the written report. Amateurs on the other hand do not have the capacity to handle themselves with such professionalism, hence the chances of missing out on important details about the condition of the home which might cost you in the near future, are very high.

Though both amateur and experienced home inspectors may have a solid educational background on conducting a proper home inspection, the latter is more exposed and able to make better judgment and provide proper advice concerning the state in which a home is in and consequently helping you make an informed decision after taking into consideration factors such as your budget.

What Home Inspectors Look For When Inspecting Condominiums

If you are buying residential property you need to first make sure that the property has been thoroughly checked before you sign any papers. You could get an experienced inspector to check everything that needs to be checked in the property you are about to buy. Inspections are important to avoid being saddled with problems and issues that should have been addressed by previous owners. Once you sign mortgage papers and sale agreements, you are accepting the house as it is.

For instance, you cannot go back to the previous owners and demand that they do something with that leaky part of the roof that lets the rain in.

If you are thinking of buying a condominium, you should insist on a proper inspection just like you would have if you were buying a house. There are differences between a home Inspection in Queens and a Condo inspection. The difference lies mainly in the fact that Condos have shared, communal areas and owners are required to abide by certain rules set by the Condominium’s corporate body. As a resident, there will be certain obligations that you will be expected to meet outside your own unit and of course the body corporate might put restrictions about what you can do to the exterior of the condo on your own.

There are monthly dues that need to be paid to the condominium’s corporate body. Some of these dues are supposed to go to the upkeep of the exterior areas of the building. Sometimes they go into painting the exterior walls, fixing or changing the gates or entrance areas, maintaining the communal areas that all tenants share like the pool, laundry area and any other space that is designated as communal space. Some of the money can be used for major repairs like roof repairs or structural damage that could have been caused by storms.

Do home inspectors also perform inspections on condominiums?

The answer to the question of whether home inspectors can inspect Condominiums is: Yes they can, they need only to be mindful of the things that separate a house from a condominium. There are additional inspections that are required for condominiums which would not be conducted on a home inspection.

· Layout of the space

The layout of a Condo is important. You need to look beyond your own unit and check how everything is laid out in relation to your individual condo. Check for fire exits, parking spaces and the level of privacy you have when you are in your own unit.

· Check the Electrical System

Does your unit have its own fuse box or is it located elsewhere? The location of your fuse box will help determine how easy it to know where to go when there’s a sudden loss of power.

· Check your Plumbing

Check for water pressure in your bathroom and on all the faucets. Find out how the plumbing has been laid out to make sure you are not sharing the same plumbing with your neighbors.

· Appliances

Many Condominiums come with certain appliances that unit owners are responsible for. Check these for normal operations and cleanliness.

· Common Areas

If your condominium has a communal pool or an exercise area, or anything meant for the use of all tenants, then check the condition these areas are in. This is where most of your monthly dues will go into. The condition of these areas should justify the kind of money you pay to the condominium’s association.

Basement molds – How to identify each type?

How to create a good solution about the mold that is causing a problem in your basement? Some residents still believe that all molds are the same and it can be described as a wrong perception. The fact of the matter is that basement molds come in a wide variety of types and species and, they have their own unique features as well. Better understanding about the features of various mold species will help you know what kind of mold causes the real problem. Some general characteristics can always be associated with all types of molds and at the same time; certain unique characteristics separate them quite clearly as well. A Mold inspection professional will help you identify the exact mold that is causing the damage and the important thing is that you need to hire a reputed professional to conduct mold testing in your home.

If you have a clear cut idea about the unique color of each mold, it will help you determine the type of mold present in your basement. Some of the fungi are green in color and some others have a greasy color as well. You can also come across black molds and they are being considered as the most dangerous and toxic species that cause great harm to a person’s health. These classifications are not like watertight compartments and you can find molds that have a mix of two colors like greenish black as well.

Top mold inspection professionals always look for the type of colony created by the mold because the colony will give an indication about the way they grow.

The shape of the growth also provides a good idea about different species and experienced home inspection professionals will also assess the rate of growth to identify the correct mold type. The growth rate of some molds is faster than others and this aspect makes molds distinguishable from others. Another important aspect is the smell and it differs with varying molds to a certain extent. A competent mold testing professional can identify the unique smell of different molds and he/she will also look for the texture difference of different types of molds for arriving at the best conclusion.

You should not try to touch the mold with your hands because some of them are really allergic and poisonous and, home inspectors always wear a glove during the inspection process. Some are quite slimy in comparison with others and the type of vegetation produced by the molds can also be assessed to identify the correct type.

Some will grow into a bushy like structure while others are quite short and trim as well. The species known as Aspergillus can be described as light-colored molds and circular colonies can always be associated with them. Another type known as Strachybotrys is black in color and these slimy molds are highly toxic. Another common type is Cladosporium and it has a dark color. A powdery look can be associated with Cladosporium and another type known as Fusarium can be usually found in high humidity areas. If you want to have clear cut information about mold infestation including the exact type of mold, you should hire an accomplished mold inspection professional.

How to own a condo in a hassle free manner?
Purchasing the best condo has become a difficult task in these days. There are plenty of options to choose from and real estate agents always come up with a wide variety of offers as well. Substandard agents will come with a lot of unrealistic offers and their prime intention is to safeguard the interests of the seller. They will pressurize the buyer to make a decision and in the immediate future, it will invite a lot of unwanted expenses and related complications as well. That is exactly where the importance of home inspection comes in.

Identifying condos can be done with the help of real estate agents and at the same time, the decision to buy the most suitable one should be done with the help of a home inspector. Real estate agents will try hard to make the sale a reality and the seller also wants the same. They may not be least bothered about conducting a home inspection because sale conversion is their primary goal and an increased price will always bring greater profits for them. They will force the buyer to arrive at decision in favor of their own arguments as early as possible.

If buyers are not sure about their own requirements, things can go wrong and they should always have better idea about the pre-qualifications of availing the most suitable loan. After having decided about the time frame required for moving in, condo type, number of bedrooms, and budget, buyers always search for a condo and when they find one that goes in complete harmony with their own requirements, they decide to purchase that one.

A decision cannot be taken based on these aspects alone. What about the existing defects? People may be able to find out some cosmetic issues but they may not have the training, skills and experience to identify structural damages and other complicated issues. All these issues can be identified with the help of a reliable home inspector and the buyer can negotiate the price with the seller based on the conclusions in the home inspection report.

This method of approach is a good strategy to counter the arguments of a substandard real estate agent. Some agents may recommend certain inspectors and conducting your home Inspection with the help of these professionals may not serve the purpose because the interests of these inspectors will be heavily swung towards the intentions of the real estate people. That is why some people rely on virtual agents and it will save a lot of time and energy as well. Buyers can view the images of various condos that fulfill their requirements and the services of all types of middlemen can be averted as well.

Virtual agents bring a lot of advantages. When buyers enter their budget and other related requirements, they will receive accurate details of the condos to be sold and they can even check insurance details, details about the maintenance fees, projected increases and all other important aspects. They can assess the relevancy of all these findings by hiring a top home inspection agency and all those unwanted hidden costs will become a distant reality.

A reliable and reputed home inspection professional will conduct a thorough investigation and he/she will come up with a detailed report on the existing condition of the condo. Their views will always be objective and accurate and, buyers will come to know about the expenses needed for the repair works quite clearly. Buyers can take up all these matters with the seller before signing the purchase agreement and as a resultant factor; the entire process of purchasing a condo will become amazingly easy and beneficial as well.

Understanding the importance of a mold inspection

Are you planning to purchase a Queens home? Mold inspection in Queens assumes an importance of paramount in such a situation and you will have to hire a mold inspector to perform this task before signing the purchase agreement. A certified and trained professional will perform this procedure with utmost responsibility and they will identify all possible signs of mold growth. They will also give valuable information about the repair works to be performed.

Undermining the importance mold testing can land you in trouble. This potentially dangerous substance can invite all sorts of complications and it can it make you sick. Everybody knows that healthcare expenses are always increasing in a fast manner and when the mold infestation gets aggravated, remediation will become a costly affair as well. All these aspects indicate you should hire a home inspection professional to check mold growth before you move into your dream home.

Some of the home inspectors offer mold testing along with a normal home inspection and you should directly ask the inspector about this aspect. Some people conduct general home inspection by hiring a professional and they tend to forget mold inspection. It is a cardinal mistake and if your inspector does not offer mold inspection, you should hire a mold inspector separately. Underestimating the importance of mold testing will definitely make the home buying process a costly affair in the immediate future.

When you hire an inspection professional, you need to make sure that they have the experience, knowledge and expertise to perform the inspection properly and inexperienced inspectors may not have the skills to handle advanced equipment and technology to find out mold growth in the hidden areas. The problem will remain unsolved and you may end up spending a lot of money for remediation services in the future.

Mold infestation causes two types of dangers and they include property damage and health issues. It invites allergic problems as well as respiratory problems when there is mold build up in your home and the mold degrades surfaces very fast as well.

When you see issues like leakage, you should check for mold growth along with addressing the leakage issues. Mold, especially the black mold variety is extremely toxic in nature and various studies have shown that it invites a lot of health problems.

When the inspector identifies mold infestation in the home, you have some options. You can show these findings to the seller to negotiate price and ask the seller to perform remediation process. Basically, sellers have two options. They can hire a removal company to address these issues or they can perform the removal by themselves. The second option is not at all advisable because common people may not have the competency and experience to perform this task and identifying the root cause of the problem will remain a distant reality.

So, it is always advisable to hire a trustworthy professional to rectify mold related complications. The bottom line is that it all starts with mold inspection and the repair works can only be performed on the basis of the findings in the inspection report.

Understanding the basics for carrying out a thorough home inspection

Your Queens house is your own private space from where you are suppose to enjoy quality time away from the rest of the world in the company of family members or close friends. This being the case, it is important to make sure that prior to moving into new house you get to do everything in your power to make sure that the house is in the best condition to support you and another person you will be moving in with. The best way to do this is to carry out a thorough home inspection. Unfortunately, there are a few very potential home buyers who are on record for skipping this very important step only to come and regret failing to do so later on in the future after realizing that the house they moved into is falling apart.

Good news is unlike those making such unfortunate statistics; you have an opportunity to have a whole different experience.

All you need to do is to simply organize for a through inspection from Queens Home Inspectors of the house/property/building which you intend to move into. After making the choice to go ahead with the home inspection, set out to hire the most experienced inspector who is knowledgeable, well exposure and has the skills to easily point out areas around the house which needs work/upgrading before anyone can occupy the space available.

In order to have your wish for a thorough home inspection come true, take time to find out the following:

a. How long has the inspector you are about to hire been working? The best inspector to hire is one who has several years of successful, meaningful and through home inspections on his resume.

b. Roughly how many inspections does the inspector perform in a year on average?

c. What level of experience does the inspector have?

d. What are his skills set and how relevant are they when it comes to the actual home inspection?

e. Which inspection company/service provider is he affiliated to? Inspectors linked to high profiling home inspection service providers are the best for carrying out thorough home inspections.

f. How detailed are the final inspection reports?

g. Does the inspector have any form of insurance? This is important in case some of the tests during the inspection don’t go as planned.

Having a clear idea of what to expect is a guarantee to benefit a lot from the thorough home inspection. This is mainly because you will be in the best position to make proper interpretations of the inspection reports finally make informed decisions which you will not regret in the near future say after moving into the new house.

Everything considered, it is very clear that a thorough provider of your home inspection in Queens serves as a guarantee for the much desired peace of mind since all important sections of the house both outside and inside [including those hidden away from the naked eyes] will all be inspected after which you will be provided with an inclusive recommendation which you can then use to make an informed decision as to whether moving into the house in question will be good for you or not.

Regardless of whether or not the property is found in Queens, or any other part of NYC. As much as carrying out a thorough home inspection might seem to be very costly, it is very important that it is done since it stands to save you a great deal of trouble and money that is looking at the bigger picture.

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Taking advantage of home inspection to seal the deal on any property transaction

In the past, there have been several cases of Queens home buyers complaining that they bought homes and after a while they started noticing that the house was falling apart piece by piece.

Interesting thing is: looking back at such cases , it emerges that these home owners who may now be the owner of a money pit, never bothered to hire a professional home inspector to carry out a thorough home inspection and provide them with expert advice on whether or not purchasing the house in question was a good long term investment or a bad choice.

It is also very interesting to note that such cases not only affect home buyers but also home sellers. This being the case, it is very important that you always hire a home inspector to assist with the home selling or buying process by providing expert or professional insights as to whether or not purchasing the house is a good investment that is if you are a potential buyer or to help your properly prepare the house for viewing by potential clients that is if you are the one who is making the sale.

The best thing about a home inspection is the fact that it serves as legitimate documentation to indulge in proper negotiations plus the final inspection report provides crucial insights all of which consequently translate into your being able to make very good deals regardless of the nature of the transaction whether it’s a home sale or buy. In fact, having the property inspected in advance serves as a guarantee to make honest deals and consequently save yourself the trouble of having to deal with the inconveniences and headaches common with a home with many defects.

Although the main aim of negotiating during any transaction with the real estate industry is usually aimed at helping save as much money as possible that is for home buyers and an opportunity to convince buyers to pay as much as possible that is for home sellers, there is another better way to negotiate. It is by carrying out a home inspection. This works in the sense that : as the buyer, the inspection will help you familiarize yourself more with both the good and bad sides of the house. These you can use during the negotiations to cut a good deal which will allow you to save a significant amount altogether.

For the home seller, the inspection will help you prepare the property making ready for viewing for instance by helping you get rid of any clutter which may be lying around as well as pointing out obvious areas around the house which do not create a good scene [might discourage or spook potential buyers] hence need to be urgently repaired. In the end you will have the house in the best viewing condition which in turn raises your power to negotiate a deal that is of course assuming the client interested would have been already impressed with whatever he/she has had the opportunity to see in person.

In addition to all of the above, a home inspection will also give you peace of mind knowing that you can count on the home which you have purchased and that besides being secure and comfortable, it is absolutely free of any obvious defects such as leaking roor or cracked walls whose repairs might cost you a lot of money later on. Please take a moment to read some of the awesome reviews that our past customers have left for us on yelp as well, right here and afterwards please give us a call for a comprehensive over the phone consultation where we will go over every aspect of the home inspection experience.

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Home mold inspection: A guarantee for safe air and comfort around the house

In case you have the slightest suspicion that there may be molds growing around your Queens NY home, it is imperative that you call in a reputable mold inspection company to evaluate and ascertain this theory in order to keep you comfortable and safe from the severe health risks/complications commonly associated with growth of molds in homes. At the moment, you can easily get your home thoroughly inspected by a certified home mold inspector consequently making sure that it is absolutely safe not only or you but also for any other occupant.

It is important to understand the fcat that: a mere mold inspection can reveal a lot of things concerning the growth of molds. In fact by commissioning a mold inspection, you stand to get more answers to any questions, suspicions or queries which you may have had before about the growth of molds .In addition to the above, a mold inspection stands to help ascertain the exact nature of the toxic molds which may have infested your home as well as the extent of the damage which they may have already cased. What’s more, in case you opted for professional mold inspection services, you will be briefed on the best possible ways to eradicate the molds.

Most people fail to understand the fact that they are exposed to various types of mold species even though some of these molds may be harmless some pose great health risk to you and any other person who uses the house. In case you can afford, opt for personalized mold testing and inspection services, these serve as a guarantee to meet your individual mold inspection needs consequently providing you not only with comfort but also for safe air throughout the house since any growing molds would have already been detected and eradicated for good.

Another good thing about a mold inspection is the fact that the inspector is at will to make recommendations on the best possible way to completely eradicate the molds which have been found growing around the house. In fact besides guaranteeing you your safety from adverse health complications and providing you utmost comfort, home inspections also serve as a source of professional advice on the best ways to approach the realization of mold infestation which in general is usually focusing on the exact cause, the type that is growing and consequently the best approach to completely eradicate the menace for good.

In case you are lucky enough to detect the growth of mold during the early stages, feel free to remove the molds by yourself, however if you make this discovery late make sure that you hire the a professional mold inspector to help you come to terms with the effects/damage already caused by the growing molds. You do this, expect nothing less of a house that is properly aerated, has clean air freely flowing and most importantly is very comfortable. Remember, professional mold inspection services serve as a guarantee to source moisture from within you indoor surrounding consequently ruling out the possibilities of mold ever growing again.

Take a look at our amazing reviews on yelp here and then contact us for a no obligation consultation to learn what options and procedures are available to assist you in drawing an accurate assessment of your potential mold problems.

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