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Trivial Warfare
Show that takes the Pub Quiz out of the Pub
Show that takes the Pub Quiz out of the Pub

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Hey guys. We had Joel and Josh from Always Listening go head to head in a grudge match on this weeks episode. Here's a fun clip from that show where Joel describes how his show has affected his communication with his wife at home :-)

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Going to be posting a special episode tomorrow for International Podcast Day where my co-host and I talk all about our show, what goes into it, our false starts and our experiences since starting. Really happy with it :-) You'll be able to find it at I'm betting that you'll hear plenty that you relate to.

So unhappy with the audio quality of my most recent episode. I goofed up my levels when I recorded shows with Joel and Nick a couple of weeks ago. So frustrating.

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Hey guys. Check out Corey and Nick takeing on the evil BlogTalkRadio empire on this weeks episode of Trivial Warfare!

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Trivial Warfare is proud to present our All-Comics Crossover episode. Enjoy it and then share with your comic loving friends!

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Hey guys, I wrote up a recap of my experience at PM15. You can check it out here!

Hey guys! Remember to come check us out as we record a live sports trivia show today at 4:30! We'll be on the 2nd floor at the Mobile Pro booth at the end of the hall.

In case you haven't heard, two of our very own - the intelligent and virtuous +Corey Fineran and +Nick Seuberling are going to be putting their reputations on the line in a head to head sports trivia contest at Podcast Movement 15 against the dastardly duo of Jay Soderberg and +Ramona Rice from BlogTalkRadio.

You can join in on the fun. We're be recording a live episode of Trivial Warfare together on Friday at 4:30. We'll be live in Studio 5 at the Mobile Pro Studios booth. Come join us for a little trivia fun before hitting the red carpet for the awards show.

Hope so see you there!

Hey guys, I'm going to be recording on location at Podcast Movement Friday and I play to hook my mixer up to a Zoom H4n and then pass the sound through the H4n into a laptop via USB. I've been testing up the setup tonight and I've very disappointed with the amount of background fuzz I'm getting.

I'm not using the onboard mics, but the sound quality is much lower than when I record directly into my desktop pc at home. It's not the bad quality of the voice recording, just the ambient buzzing/fuzzing. It also passes through the H4N into the laptop recording. I can set the main mix on my mixer to Zero and the H4N doesn't pick it up, but the USB is like a clear pass through to the laptop. Even with all sound on the Mixer off I get the background buzzing on the laptop recording.

Any thoughts on what I need to do to get clean audio when recording with a Zoom H4N?

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