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This = me 6 months ago
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ha. no, i mean, I'm the girl who totally drops off the face of the earth when i travel, to the consternation of friends & family. Especially true when i was traveling in malaysia, where this guy was (taman negara) six months ago.
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Much is being made of the "85% ofGoogle+ users are Male!" article:

But I was curious if that matched my own network:
In my G+ Circles: 32% female
Circles following me: 28% female

But I (now) work in a male-heavy industry, and used to work in a female-heavyindustry. So let's compare to my other social networks:
Facebook friends: 55% female
People I'm following on Twitter: 30% female
Twitter followers: 59% female

Maybe it's just a feature of gender-preferences for social networks and notmy "real" networks?
G-mail contacts: 50% female
iPhone contacts: 42% female

So in "real life," my friends are somewhere around 46% female.
On Facebook, my social network tends to be a little more female.
On Google+, my social network tends to be a little less female.
On Twitter, apparently I'm biased towards following men.

At any rate. I don't think we need to be up in arms because two weeks afterlaunching, Google+ skews slightly male. How do your networks break down bygender?
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Just had a look at my network.

In my G+ circles 46% female
Circles following me 39% female

FB 50% female

Linked In 45% female

Twitter: not sure how to find that figure quickly. Will come back on that point.
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My weekend = putting together some thoughts for an upcoming presentation on Google Plus at Threespot...
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Duh! Thanks... :)
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that sounds a little better
Paul Allen originally shared:
Breaking News: 33% of Google+ Users Are Female

A lot of misinformation about Google+'s male to female ratio is going around Google+ and even being reported on by respectable media sites. For example:

Mashable Headline: Google+ Users Are Nearly All Male:

Forbes Blog: Sex Problems at Google+:

AdWeek: Google+ Is A Boys Club:

All of these articles are based on totally flawed data. Here's why: is a cool site where G+ users can submit their profile to see if they make the top 100 leaderboard. Shortly after launching, the 87% male, 11% female, 2% other stat started making the rounds. But that data is completely skewed: males tend to compete for leaderboard recognition more than females.

Another great site, now indexes nearly 948,000 Google+ user profiles and tracks many data points about the users, including gender. They report that of the first 948,000 profiles they crawled, 74.9% are male and 25.1% are female. But crawling is time consuming and the crawlers were finding the mostly male user profiles from the initial field test seeding. This is not a random sampling.

My surname-based random sampling has shown a very different number. For the first time, I'm publishing it here:

7/4 77% Male, 23% Female
7/7 68.4% Male, 31.6% Female (after the user base had almost doubled)
7/14 66.4% Male, 33.6% Female

Google+ is quickly turning pink.

For comparison sake, LinkedIn, which is a business social network with more than 100 million users is still 63% Male and 37% Female according to Pew (See attached report below). Google+'s female population percentage will likely surpass LinkedIn's in early August. The poster of 18 men in a hot tub that has been passed around for the past week or two is not reflective of reality and is not what Google+ is going to end up being.

Google+ is definitely for men, women, and other. (But not kids....yet)

I'm attaching a link to a fantastic Pew Internet study report showing age and gender breakdowns for all the main social networks. Highly recommended.
According to the new Pew Internet study Social Networking Sites and our Lives there are nearly twice as many male LinkedIn users as female. What gives?
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Director of Social Media at Threespot. Stats nerd, voracious reader, world traveler, #nptech.
Statistics maven, voracious reader, world traveler, occasional playwright, #nptech. Director of Social Media @threespot
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