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Fly Fishing + Music . . . for explorers, outfitters, guides and bush pilots.

For me, and I think for a lot of folks, there is a natural and close connection between fly fishing and music. Whether it’s the playlist in the truck on the way to the stream or the live music in the bar after a long, great day on the river, music accompanies much — not all — of the fly fishing experience. There is, of course, time in the river, when the only music comes from the water rushing over the rocks and the wind in the trees. 

This site is about the songs that — I think — are best suited to “before” and “after” parts. We are going way beyond old The Who and Zeppelin CDs (though I do love those too). These are songs that could be, should be, and are being, heard live in the bars and saloons of the great fly fishing towns across America today — places like Missoula, Redding, Anchorage, Bend, Mountain Home, West Yellowstone, Jackson, Asheville and Truckee. 

These songs exist at the intersections of blues music, rock & roll, country, alt. country, folk, bluegrass, and Americana. 

These are great songs . . . 

- Justin Camp

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