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Day 360...Designing the Life You Love
   Welcome to Day 360... And designing the life you love. Starting things a little differently today – with a quote. And not
just any quote, one from Steve Jobs, a guy who clearly had vision and passion. Not
only for his work but his life. “ Your
work is go...

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Day 359...What To Do When You Make A Mistake
Welcome to Day 359...And what to do when you made a mistake. So in my last blog I wrote a lot about editing and how hard I found the process. I think part of the problem for me is that I work so hard to get things right. Struggling to get just the right lev...

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Day 358...Making the Hard Part Easier
Welcome to Day 358...And making the hard part a little easier. To be perfectly honest, for me, the hard part of writing a book isn't the actual writing. In fact, the plot lines, the locations, the character development, it all comes pretty easy. When I sit ...

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Day 356...Mental Rules For Writers to Live By Part I
Welcome to Day 356...And mental rules for writers to live by. Part I I recently read an article in an on-line health and fitness blog that was titled 1 0 Rules Fit Woman Live By. It had some good points about what smart woman do to help make their fitness j...

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Day 355...In Honor of Mom
Welcome to Day 355...And a little something in honor of moms everywhere. Cheers to all the moms out there...hope your day is extra special.  "Home Is Where My Mom Is"  
 Here's to Being All In, 
 Maggie  Follow me on Twitter @AuthorMaggie #busywriterslife V...

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Day 354...Something For Your Writer's Toolbox
Welcome to Day 354...And something for your writer's toolbox Here's Today's Takeaway Lesson... "...And If You Give Them Tools, They'll Do Wonderful Things With Them" S.J.  
 Here's to Being All In, 
 Maggie  Follow me on Twitter @AuthorMaggie #busywritersli...

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Day 353: Writing Secrets from Music Icons
Welcome to Day 353...And
a writing secret from music some icons I'm a big fan of the
rock band U2. I love their lyrics,
their music, their stories, and their passion for their craft. Something else I love is
that they seem to have this incomparable work eth...

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Day 352...A Powerful Two Letter Word
Welcome to Day 352...And a
powerful two letter word. Anytime we're faced with a
problem or a goal, there are two possible routes to take. To Think or to Do. And while both have merits, one
option will get you realizing your dreams and goals a whole lot quic...

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Day 350...#25 Is My Favorite
Welcome to Day 350... Happy Monday...a few weeks into the new year and here are some reminders about making it a good week...a good month...a good year...a good life... 1. Sleeping without a pillow reduces back pain and keeps your spine stronger. 2. If a pa...

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Day 349...New Beginnings
Welcome to Day 349... And new beginnings...and good books... Here's Today's Takeaway Lesson... "And Suddenly You Know; It's Time To Start Something New And Trust The Magic of Beginnings"  Here's to Being All In, Maggie       Follow me on  Twitter  @AuthorMa...
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