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Can anyone here recommend which VoIP services that play well with Obihai boxes? (Google Voice connection is turning off next week).
Or, do you have any recommendations (pro or con) about Anveo or PhonePower service?

I just learned that Acrobat supports OCR of Hebrew, and has since version 9. I've wanted this feature for years, ever since I started scanning all of my Israeli bank and utility statements.

Of course, the last time that I looked carefully at the program options was back around version 4 or so. Serves me right for not reading release notes religiously!

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Enjoying not being in Barcelona this year...

I just installed Rockbox on my daughter's ancient MP3 player. Seems to be an amazing piece of open-source work, but really blew me away for a bunch of surprising reasons:
- Besides the expected music-playing features, it also includes some games. It even has Doom, functioning much better than I would have expected on the tiny 2cm screen.
- Despite the arcane interface and limited number of buttons, the kids instantly picked up on how to use the new GUI. Zero learning lag.
- The Rockbox specs boast about how it runs on many, many, devices, even on CPUs as slow as 12MHz. Lovely, runs fine even on this lowly Samsa C240. But, but... 12MHz... that's faster than my first PCs; faster than any Lisp Machine I ever used; faster than a VAX; faster than a DEC-20. I know Moore's law and I really do appreciate the power of exponentials but still, it's staggering to see how 30 years of doublings turns the strongest mainframes into laughingstocks too weak to serve as a kid's toy.

Now into the 6th week of my cough / walking pneumonia / "the mother of all colds", and starting my 3rd course of antibiotics. The term "resistant bacteria" has never before been quite so real too me.

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I've always thought it would be cute for my microwave door to do double-duty as a TV. Someone's finally built this, and with some really amusing twists:
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