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In the category of "really weird things I did not know:" apparently figs and certain wasps have co-evolved into a sort of single organism, with the wasps acting as highly mobile sex organs. It's basically what happens if you take "insects pollinating flowers" to its logical conclusion.

Essentially, a female wasp shows up at a fig, pollen in tow and laden with egs, enters the fig, spreads the pollen around, lays her eggs, and dies. Some of the fig's ovaries are now fertilized by pollen; they develop seeds. Others have wasp eggs; they form a shell around the eggs. Male wasps hatch first; they have no wings, but instead travel around the inside of the fig, fertilize the females (still in their eggs), cut escape hatches for them, and then die. Next the male flowers mature and produce pollen. Next, the female wasps hatch, already fertilized; they get covered in pollen, and fly out, in search of another fig. The wasps which die in the fig get digested by it and turned into more fig.

Which is to say, the wasp's entire life cycle is basically loading up on the parts to make more wasps and more figs, and then finding a fig. 

There are a few variations on this, summarized in . But basically, figs have managed to turn wasps into part of their biology, and can be considered to be part-animal, part-plant. Others instead would say that the figs are eating the wasps, which I suppose is also true, but that really understates the complexity of this relationship.

Apparently this is also enough for some people to consider figs not to be vegan. (cf , although to make it clear I am not endorsing any of the, well, anything on this site; it's just an example of what arguments around the kosher vegan status of the fig look like)

Mostly, this gives me an urge for figs. 

Via @silentkpants on Twitter.

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Hmm das erinnert mich an mich sollte das mal testen.
Neuroscientists have identified a new condition with an awesome name: aphantasia. It's the lack of a mind's eye. My little piece of the story: A piece I wrote five years ago helped the scientists find enough aphantasaics to study. So how well do you see mental images?

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Immune system Attack: white blood cells knockout strong worm.
#biology   #scienceeveryday  

Captured by Steven Rosen and his colleagues at UC San Francisco over a period of 80 minutes. It shows white blood cells from a mouse attacking a parasite known as Caenorhabditis elegans.

Their study aimed to determine whether a specific type of white blood cell, known as eosinophil granulocytes, would attack parasitic worms including the Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans).

The findings are published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine:
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Ja, ich kenne da mehrere Frauen sich sich bei Anzügen sehr kontrollieren müssen... 

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Yeah gewinnspiel!!! Ich verkaufe meine Timeline!

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Mehr wissen worüber man redet hilft manchmal. 

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Power shift happening. 
So who is graduating the most computer scientists? China. Who has the most mathematicians? China. Who is graduating the most communication engineers? China. What is America graduating from its universities? Cinema majors, dance majors, all sorts of new media experts like in social media.. And tons and tons of attorneys, accountants, businessmen.

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