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so inspiring
grow girl grow 
thank you for being brave enough to create from your desires.

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I came upon this when listening to astrology reports
I felt compelled
It was long
I wanted to make an excuse
But I lustened and I believe my heart and mind are more open and clear because of it
The truth once again made clear
We create the world and we are a team
All for one and one for all
From right relation and co creation
We shall build a new nation !!
This was made for 2012
Three plus years later the truth is louder and clearer than ever .
Some parts may have gone over my head but this has such a high frequency of collected truths
I will surely listen again
Let this begin more conversations on truth
Everywhere 🐳🐜🌀🌈💚💐🌱🍄🌷🌸🐳🐝🌻

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This mound of dirty snow is filled with dirt, salt, garbage and all that was collected off the roads in Boonton this Winter season
I find it unattractive cause its in the way. its blocking the view of the park and the water fall. blocking the natural beauty.
I do however find the metaphor of melting snow to raise the water table back to balance and serve the renewal of springs energy back into our bones... so miraculous.
May we all accept what has been built up and release it with the bright sun as we soften and bloom into  spring..

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the beauty that grows at my friends houses as they commit to blooming and standing in their truth.. I am inspired by the many lives that touch mine as they find the way home to their living legend...

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My dear friends the tree whisperers make me smile from my heart cause they  continue to show real dedication and promise to the mission of Cooperative Bio balance.
They are launching a diploma course to build the army of natures helpers, stewards of the earth to meet the world with the truths they have found working so closely with the trees.thank you for the stellar example

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boys playing in the snow..being outside and playing was where my life happened as a kid. I loved ice skating and building igloos for shelter.
They are good brothers and great teachers

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these are some photos that speak to my focus at this time..I am ready to share publicly, i have learned from my parents so much about love. my family is foundation of my heart. The ice is melting and and the waters are balancing. Time to raise the vibration!!

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Assignment One 
If I were a book it would be called I am Just Madeline.."the Story of A Sheltering Tree"
I have been collecting all the pieces of the stories and the hearts that sit with the tree.
I am always listening with my heart and I long to share what the tree has learned about the way we grow. The character is always curious, easily excited and filled with goofiness.
Kinda of like a  story telling squirrell!!
The tree is a place in the center of all things where the hearts all collect to come back together to co create new myths and potential for our youth as they evolve with the intelligence of the universe.
b.Beauty is defined by the way it radiates and expresses the essence of love and truth that grows everything.
Beauty is when we are true even when its awkward. when we grow thru the challenge and laugh at ourselves.
the smile that says "I am so silly" oh well,,, guess i will try again.
For me there is not a difference but I know that I draw more attention when I am wearing certain styles and colors.
I must be attractive to others when I show my uniqueness.
I do believe unique and at ease with self is a very attractive energy for the curious soul of me..
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