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Falmouth Needs Re-Vote On Taking Down Wind Turbines- Voters Kept In Dark

December 1, 2016

The Town of Falmouth in May of 2013 voted to take down their two town owned wind turbines. The turbines are affecting up to 200 residential homes. The neighbors describe the noise as torture from lack of sleep.

The vote to remove the wind turbines failed with 6,001 voting to keep the turbines and 2,940 voting to remove them.

Prior to the May 2013 vote to take the wind turbines down the Town of Falmouth hid documents and lied by omission to the voting public. Hiding the documents rises to the level of assault and battery on up to 200 residential home owners who have lost their health and property rights. Hiding a noise warning letter causing harm to residents is a criminal act not a mistake.

First just prior to the election the town received a memo from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center that the original acoustic noise studies done for the Falmouth Wind l turbine was flawed. The noise study under estimated the affect of the noise. The MassCEC funded the noise study and was the original owner of Falmouth Wind I. The memo has never been posted on the town web site.

In June right after the May 2013 Falmouth election Nils Bolgen the wind turbine director at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center changed setbacks to 2000 feet from a single wind turbine. The MassCEC waited until the results of the Falmouth vote came out in favor of keeping the wind turbines up. The MassCEC had sent a memo to the town in April just prior to the vote that the noise tests were flawed but waited until after the election to change setbacks is suspicious as is everything to do with the installations

The Cape Cod Commission has since increased setbacks to 10 times the rotor diameter which in the case of one Falmouth wind turbine would be 3000 feet from property locations.

The Consensus Building Institute (CBI) held the Falmouth Wind Turbine Option Analysis Process at a cost of $139,000.00 to taxpayers over 26 meetings to mitigate the wind turbines. All the meetings were video taped and shown on Falmouth local community TV. The September 12, 2012 video questioned the loan/grant status of Falmouth Wind II remains missing never seen. No one from the town ever told the public the video is missing.

The town never filed and avoided Special Permit 240-166 to install the turbines. This permit process would have required additional studies and notifications to neighbors of wind turbines. The courts have ruled that the town should have filed the permits. The town did not want the residents around the turbines to know the town was hiding a noise warning letter since August of 2010.

In August of 2010 Vestas wind turbine company reiterated in a letter to the town they had previously warned prior to construction of the turbines that they were twice as loud as General Electric wind turbines. General Electric refused to build even a single wind turbine due to setbacks to residential property and ice throw on route 28. The town hid this letter until a Freedom of Information request 5 years later.

A KEMA company map from the Falmouth 2005 noise study showed noise levels on Black Smith Shop Road would exceed 40 decibels of noise more than likely why General Electric refused to build a single wind turbine. The town went forward installing two louder Vestas wind turbines. The Vestas turbines show they generate up to an unbearable 50 decibels on Black Smith Shop Road. The town never makes reference to the map

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative aka today the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center was the original owner of Falmouth Wind I. In boiler plate studies done before the Falmouth installations the state agency warned of two distinct types of noise. The first measured in decibels the second warned of human annoyance today called infra sound. The warnings were omitted from the Falmouth noise studies as the state agency was unable to place the turbines anywhere in Massachusetts and could not be sold at auction with the multiple noise warnings. The state agency had to give Falmouth one million dollars to take the turbine.

The federal government in a noise study done in Boone, North Carolina in 1987 had classified wind turbine infra sound at a turbine located near residential homes. The turbine was taken down. Falmouth voters were again denied this information.

The Town of Falmouth knew prior to construction the turbines were too loud to be near residential homes.

Heather Harper the wind turbine manager and assistant town manager told public officials in September of 2010 : “We took on a huge risk and I think we were successful but we’re a large community and I think we can take on that risk. ”

Heather Harper the wind turbine manager and assistant town manager did she know about the August 2010 noise warning from Vestas just one month before she told officials about the hugh risk . You be the judge.

The Town of Falmouth Town Meeting Members last week voted another $260,000.oo for wind turbine litigation.

The town is spending up to $300,000.00 every six months on litigation.

At the next Falmouth Town Meeting a proposal should be made to take the turbines down, stop paying the loans,bonds and let the cards fall where they may 

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