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Bowhead Whale Tons of Trouble for Cape wind
Massachusetts - Cape Cod  
Bowhead Whale Troubles Cape Wind
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 22, 2014

Bowhead Whale Endangered Species
Bowhead Whale Tons Of Trouble For Cape Wind  
The Bowhead whale brings up serious issues with Cape Wind and the 2009 antique wind turbine farm proposal.
These whales are endangered species.  
Do you kill the Bowhead whale or the Cape Wind project ?
The US District Court ruled that two federal agencies violated the Endangered Species Act in their review of Cape Wind..  
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service have been mandated by the courts to revisit Cape Wind’s impacts on migrating birds and endangered right whales in Nantucket Sound due to violations of environmental protection law.  
The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a species of the right whale family.  
Now lets look also at the Bowhead whales. Bowheads are protected under the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
Time for another review or is Nantucket Sound just the wrong place to build 130 wind turbines ?
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Bill Carson

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Steven Ambrose - Wind Turbine Noise Complaints Made Easy  
posted:  April 19, 2014 • Massachusetts, Noise  
Wind Turbine Noise Complaint Predictions Made Easy  
Author:  Ambrose, Stephen

Part 1
Acousticians have known for decades how to predict the community reaction to a new noise source. Wind turbine consultants have chosen not to predict the community reaction as they have previously done for other community noise sources. If they had, there would be far fewer wind turbine sites with neighbors complaining loudly about excessive noise and adverse health impacts.
In 1974, the USEPA published a methodology that can predict the community reaction to a new noise. A simple chart can be used that shows the community reactions (y-axis) versus noise level (x-axis). This chart was developed from 55 community noise case studies (black squares). The baseline noise levels include adjustments for the existing ambient, prior noise experience, and sound character. The predicted wind turbine noise level is plotted on the ‘x-axis’ and the predicted community reaction is determined by the highest reaction, indicated by the black squares. Here are some examples: 32 dBA no reaction and sporadic complaints, 37 dBA widespread complaints, 45 dBA strong appeals to stop noise and 54 dBA vigorous community action, the highest.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) determined that 25 dBA represents a rural nighttime environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that noise below 30 dBA had no observed effect level (NOEL) and 40 dBA represented the lowest observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for noise sources that excluded wind turbines. Wind turbines produce strong low frequency energy that may reduce the WHO cautionary levels by 5 dB, thereby showing closer agreement with the 33 dBA recommendations.
Pederson & Waye (2004) research found that when wind turbine noise levels reached 35 dBA, 6% of the population was highly annoyed, and this rapidly increased to 25% at 40 dBA. Independent researchers recommend that noise levels should not exceed 33 dBA, which is near the upper limit for sporadic complaints, or a maximum increase of 5 dB, whichever is more stringent.
Part 2
People react in a predictable manner to changes in sound level and frequency content caused by a new noise source. Wind turbines are the cause for numerous complaints about excessive noise and adverse health effects. These complaints will continue to be a public health hazard as long as modern acoustic instruments are used without a person listening to identify the sound sources or by manipulating computer prediction models to provide acceptable results. Wind turbine predictions are based on meeting a specific noise level. Regulatory boards and agencies are not assessing noise levels consistent with how people hear.
The wind turbines at Falmouth Massachusetts clearly show why there are so many neighbors complaining. An effective way to evaluate a sound source is by comparing the ON operation to OFF. The graph below shows wind turbine ON fluctuates from 35 to 46 dBA and when OFF decreases to 27 dBA.

Using the USEPA (1974) community noise assessment methodology adjusted for a quiet area, the predicted public reaction for wind turbine noise indicates widespread complaints and threats of legal action, as shown by the shaded box. Massachusetts DEP noise regulation limits the wind turbine ON maximum levels to no more than 10 dB above the ambient background (L90, exceeded 90% of the time) when OFF. The sound level increase is 19 dB for wind turbine operation.
Part 3
Sleep interruption and disturbance indicates the real potential for causing significant public harm from nearby wind turbines. A peer-reviewed research paper has investigated residents living near GE 1.5 MW wind turbines. Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, Jeffrey Aramini and Christopher Hanning published “Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health” in the peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal Noise & Health, September-October 2012 [LINK].
The study focused on sleep quality as defined by the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), daytime sleepiness by Epworth Sleepiness Score (ESS), and general health according to SF36 ver2; Mental Component Score (MSC) and Physical Component Score (PSC). Residents received questionnaires based on participant-inclusion criteria for individuals living within 1.5-km (4921-ft) of the nearest 1.5 MW wind turbine(s). Baseline random samples were collected from residents living 3 to 7 km (9840 to 22,965- ft) away. The study conclusion has a strong recommendation for a separation distance of 1.4-km (4593- ft) away from a 1.5 MW wind turbine. This would be especially true for wind turbines located in quiet environments.
An aerial photo shows the locations of Falmouth’s Wind 1, 2 and NOTUS turbines as red pins. The above sleep study-recommended separation distance of nearly 4600 ft is shown as red circles. The Falmouth Board of Health’s health study (June 11, 2012) confirms the sleep study’s conclusion for complaints inside the red circles with yellow pins inside.

Part 4
Wind turbine developers promote wind energy for financial benefit for communities when they are built on municipally-owned properties as in Falmouth, Kingston, Scituate and Fairhaven. In return, towns relax their bylaw restrictions to permit loud industrial-type noise sources on municipal land often near quiet residential areas. Town planners approve wind turbine development without performing proper reviews as required in the bylaws. Towns understand they can build a municipal project in any land use zone. However, these projects still need to comply with the zoning bylaws.
Zoning bylaws are enacted to control community development to minimize conflicts between abutting land uses. Industrial and commercial development often produces more traffic, noise, smoke, odors, etc. than residential use. Industrial and commercial facilities are limited to districts with large lots and setback distances. Residential district restrictions protect neighbors’ expectations for peace, tranquility and protection of public health and wellbeing.
Bylaws are implemented to provide guidance to town officials and regulatory boards. Public officials are required to perform their duties in a consistent manner. Boards review new developments for appropriate economics, engineering and environmental impacts. Decisions can become emotional when there are disputed considerations for public good versus public harm. Boards are required to enforce their bylaws and should not alter rules, grant waivers or create amendments to benefit a project under consideration.
Too many towns have adopted changes to encourage wind turbine development, changes which were later proven detrimental to public health, safety and wellbeing. Large wind turbines produce loud noise levels that travel thousands of feet and could not comply with existing town bylaw noise limits.
Download original document: “Wind Turbine Noise Complaint Predictions Made Easy”
This article is the work of the author(s) indicated. Any opinions expressed in it are not necessarily those of National Wind Watch.
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Easter Sunday Massachusetts Wind Turbine Prayer

Massachusetts - Wind Turbine Prayer  
Easter & Wind Turbines
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 20, 2014 at 07:59 AM
Wind Turbines vs Faith
Easter Sunday & Wind Turbines  
Easter Sunday should be a day of love, forgiveness, sacrifice, unity, and humility but not in Falmouth or Fairhaven  Massachusetts.  
Today we should all reflect and ask are the Massachusetts wind turbines Satan's work ?
Massachusetts has adopted a policy of a depraved government asking residential home owners statewide to give up their health and property rights for the majority of citizens with NO compensation.  
Time has run out for Governor Patrick’s ambitious goal for land-based turbines.  
The wind turbines are making people sick and taking constitutional residential property rights. The fight against the wind turbines has sparked massive costly litigation in almost every town they have been placed.  
Governor Patrick owes the wind turbine victims an apology.
The wind turbines are tearing communities apart.  
Today we see local concerned citizens against commercial wind turbines and a statewide organization to help others fight against land-based wind projects.  
Happy Easter - Please pray for the end of the wind turbine torture for the sake of humanity.
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Bill Carson

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Falmouth Home Devalued Over 22 Percent Wind Turbine Noise
Falmouth Allows Turbine Tax Abatement
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 19, 2014 at 10:41 AM

200 Residential Homes Around Wind Turbines
Falmouth Massachusetts Allows Wind Turbine Tax Abatement
Falmouth Massachusetts this week granted a 22 percent reduction in property value to a home on Ridgeview Drive in the Craggy Ridge section of Falmouth. The location is one of almost 200 residential homes around the wind turbines in Falmouth.
The abatement clears the way for other homes to file for tax abatements living near the turbines. An aerial view shows around 200 residential homes. (See file photo attached above) 
Wind turbine victims spent the last four years of their lives trying to warn people about the effects of the wind turbines on their health and taking their constitutional residential property rights with NO compensation ...This was never going to work. It was done for profit at the expense of the health of a minority of residents around the 200 homes.
Many of the minority of residents are afraid to speak out understandably because of fear of retribution. It's easy to understand how difficult local town boards could make life miserable for people who complain against the majority of people in town especially when the wind turbine fiasco is going to cost taxpayers more money.
Massachusetts local and state politicians have portrayed the wind turbine victims as crackpots and people who just didn't like the view of the 400 foot wind turbines that look like giant tooth brushes sticking out of a toilet upside down. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has sided with the Town of Falmouth offering 1.8 million dollars to help the tow with litigation costs while offering NO help to the wind turbine victims.
Massachusetts also conducted noise studies done by individuals appointed by the executive branch of Massachusetts state government. The executive branch has a renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the year 2020 at any cost to the health of wind turbine abutters. The message has been the minority has to give up health and property rights for the majority with NO compensation.
The Mass CEC has produced bogus reports that say the wind turbines do not effect property values. Many insist implications of the RICO Act, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Act, should be applied to the wind turbine studies and information produced by the state agency over the last ten years.  
The past week contrary to Mass. CEC’s claim of no loss of value because of nearby wind turbine placement, a Falmouth home and half acre at  Ridgeview Drive in Craggy Ridge was this week granted an abatement of $855 on this year’s property tax by Falmouth’s Board of Assessors.    
That is ~$132,000 off of their $589,500 initial assessment.    
This is a 22% decline.  
In January of 2012 the home was valued at $714,000 for a refinance.    
This coupled with the Falmouth ZBA’s 4-0 decision that the turbines are indeed a nuisance with a mitigation order to the Town should begin to convince many local residents of the detriment wind turbines impose on their property value when these TOO CLOSE TOO BIG wind turbines are situated in their back/front yards.     
If logical reasoning of health and quality of life issues has not opened your eyes, these numbers should significantly improve your vision.
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Bill Carson

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Massachusetts Probation Department Political Corruption Hearings 4/22/2014  
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 16, 2014

Massachusetts Corruption 4/22/2014
 Massachusetts Corruption Hearings April 22, 2014

United States v. John J. O'Brien et al, CR 12-40026-WGY
A final pretrial conference is scheduled for Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM before the Honorable William G. Young in Courtroom 18 on the 5th floor.
 The jury trial is scheduled for Monday May 5, 2014 at 9:00 AM before the Honorable William G. Young in Courtroom 18 on the 5th floor.
Superseding Indictment
Second Superseding Indictment
Orders of Interest
#56 (9/19/12) Protective Order
#97 (3/13/13) Order on motion to compel
#102 (3/22/13) Supplemental Order on motion to compel
#107 (4/5/2013) Order on Motion to Clarify and Reconsider
#128 ( 6/18/2013) Order on Government's Objection to Chief Magistrate Judge Sorokin's April 5, 2013, Order
#207 ( 12/23/2013) Government's Notice of intention pursuant to the Court's order of November 21, 2013
#222 (1/15/2014) Government's Notice regarding defendants' motion to compel compliance with discovery orders
#227 ( 1/17/2014) Memorandum and Order on motions to sever
#228 (1/17/2014) Memorandum and Order on motions to unseal and to modify the protective order
#229 (1/17/2014) Memorandum and Order on motion to dismiss the indictment
#230 ( 1/17/2014) Order as to hearing on motion for recusal
#261 (2/6/14) Order denying motion for recusal
#305 (no PDF) Notice of Reassignment as to John J O'Brien, Elizabeth V. Tavares, William H. Burke, III. Judge William G. Young added. Judge F. Dennis Saylor, IV no longer assigned to case
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Martha Coakley Fails To Protect Minority Falmouth Massachusetts Wind Turbine Victims USA  
Martha Coakley & Wind Turbine Victims
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 14, 2014

AG Martha Coakley Future Massachusetts Governor ?
Attorney General Martha Coakley & Commercial Wind Victims  
Attorney General Martha Coakley has a Civil Rights Division which enforces and safeguards Constitutional and statutory civil rights and liberties on behalf of Massachusetts residents and visitors.  
What about wind turbine victims ? Just collateral damage ?  
The question needs to be asked of  Attorney General Martha Coakley : if she were elected Governor of Massachusetts what would she do for the wind turbine victims in Massachusetts who have filed thousands of certified noise complaints ? The next question would be why have the civil rights of the wind turbine victims been ignored ?  
The Massachusetts Superior Court has already curtailed the operation of the Falmouth wind turbines.  
Many people feel state and local politicians won't help the wind turbine victims because the Massachusetts Democratic State Party Platform has declared an actual real war on fossil fuels and the wind turbine victims are just collateral damage.  
The commercial wind turbines are seen as the weapon of choice against fossil fuel emissions. Politicians view the wind turbine victims as collateral damage and a minority of residents who must lose their health and constitutional property rights for no compensation for the greater good of the majority.  
Massachusetts has an "Agenda" of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the year 2020. History is full of failed "Agendas."  
Wind turbine victims are now looking to federal civil rights litigation 42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights.  
Industrial wind turbines do not improve air quality, nor do they reduce fossil fuel emissions. Massachusetts air quality is worse today than four years ago despite all the poorly sited wind turbines.  
Falmouth Massachusetts is an example of the failure of the economics of commercial wind when the turbines affect the health, sleep and property values of local home owners. The Falmouth turbines are costing the taxpayers to operate the turbines as they have been shut down 12 hours a day because of noise issues and quality of life issues.  
Commercial wind turbines do affect the areas where wind turbines are located.
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center who helps site commercial wind turbines admitted in 2013 that they used to site wind turbines "Ad Hoc" now look at setbacks to residential homes at 2000 feet and possibly further in 2014. An admission on poorly placed wind turbines in Massachusetts.  
For the sake of humanity stop the torture.
Bill Carson's profile photo
CLIMATE CRISIS -MASSACHSETTS DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM Massachusetts Democrats recognize that climate change is real and is already causing disruption and destruction to our property and our lives. The melting of polar ice caps, increased numbers and severity of storms, increased drought and flooding are all changes we cannot ignore. We understand that these changes are a direct result of human activity, primarily green house gas emissions from burning fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas. We understand that the resulting Climate Crisis requires prioritized attention and action on the scale equivalent to a major war. It is urgent that we take immediate action at all levels of government. Massachusetts Democrats Support:
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Corrupt Massachusetts Politicians & News  Media  
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 21, 2014

Massachusetts Corruption $ New Media
Corrupt Massachusetts Politicians & Media  
Massachusetts for the past eight years has had a renewable energy agenda of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy by the years 2020. The Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform has called for and is pursuing what they call an actual war on fossil fuels. The Liberal news media in Massachusetts has backed the single party Blue state renewable energy agenda.
Today the largest media conglomerates diverse their investments and they themselves own interest in renewable energy sectors. It's no secret.  
The renewable energy "Agenda and War on Fossil Fuels " in Massachusetts has taken its toll in collateral damage of the health and property rights of commercial wind turbine abutters. The public has been indoctrinated with news articles and editorials that have convinced the majority of Massachusetts residents that the minority of residents living around the turbines should give up their health and residential constitutional property rights for the benefit of the majority with NO compensation.  
The news media along with the executive branch of state government has helped create a second class group of citizens now known as the "wind turbine victims." The creation of the second class citizens has also created the states renewable energy agency, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, into an unregulated agency with no judicial or legislative oversight.  
The commercial wind turbine business in Massachusetts has become a fiasco. From day one the research to build commercial wind turbines in Massachusetts always had one theme. That theme was to always leave out any negative information about commercial wind turbines and a failure to do investigative journalism and just reprint the Massachusetts party platform. In other words the news media has a Liberal bias.  
The lack of "Due Diligence" in Massachusetts over the past eight years has left people sick losing their property rights over the wind turbines.
State and local agencies have chosen to ignored by-laws, regulations and laws for the wind turbine agenda as it's the quickest way to reach the goal. The news media has done the same.
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is using renewable energy tax money to pay the Town of Falmouth litigation fees and ignore the litigation fees of the wind turbine victims who paid the taxes in their electric bills. The victims are being shot with the bullets they paid for.  
Tomorrow, April 22, 2014 starts another historic day in Massachusetts. A day your not going to read about in your local newspapers. Tomorrow starts the largest corruption trial in the history of Massachusetts. The list of defendants and witnesses include state, local and even judges.
The trial is over the Massachusetts probation department which reaches into every city and town in Massachusetts. Even Attorney General Martha Coakley is expected to be at the trial.  
Folks it's time to ask how much longer can the news media keep this under wraps ?   
The author of the Massachusetts Oceans Wind Turbine Act of 2008 and the Green Communities Act both controversial wind turbine legislation is expected to testify at the corruption trial. The convicted ex speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Sal DiMasi currently serving an eight year federal conviction on corruption will also testify at the hearing. DiMasi has throat and tongue cancer and will not be released from federal prison early.  
United States v. John J. O' Brien et al, CR 12- 40026-WGY. A final pretrial conference is scheduled for Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM before the Honorable William G. Young in Courtroom 18 on the 5th floor
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Don't Believe Governor Patrick
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 Fairhaven Wind Turbines Should Come Down ?
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 20, 2014

Massachusetts Superior Court
  Fairhaven, Massachusetts - Should the Turbines Come Down  
A lawsuit has ended after 6 days in Massachusetts Superior Court in Taunton. The case took the better part of a week. The case ended April 11, 2014.  
The court case challenges the right for the Town of Fairhaven to allow the building of the wind turbines & bylaw violations involved from the start of the project including a cloudy building permit.   
The Fairhaven Town Attorney told news services that the case was heard by Judge Angel Kelly Brown who had been appointed by Governor Patrick.  
The judge has not yet reached a decision in the wind turbine fiasco case with wind turbines sited less than 1000 feet to residential homes.  
You be the judge read some of these links.
Should the Fairhaven wind turbines come down.  
Fairhaven shouldn't be intimidated by developer's threat of legal action  
Neighbors challenge site clearing for Fairhaven wind turbines  
Fairhaven Wind Turbine Planning Board April 2008  
Letter: Turbine process denies our rights  
Wind Turbine DEP permit and RFP  
Fairhaven Wind Turbine Land Lease Problems  
Fairhaven Wind Turbine Permit Process  
Fairhaven _Green Communities Act 2008 As-of-Right Zoning  
Fairhaven Wind Contractor To Explain Emails Between Town Officials
<p>Editor's note: The Standard-Times article mentioned in this letter is also running on page A6 of this edition of The Advocate.</p>
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Bill Carson

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Fairhaven Wind Turbine Legal Fees Astronomical
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 17, 2014 at 07:43 PM

Fairhaven Says NO to Wind Turbines

Fairhaven Says NO to Wind
Fairhaven Turbine lawsuit could be costly to town  
Credit:  By Peggy Aulisio, Editor | April 06, 2014 | ~~
FAIRHAVEN — Arguments in a Windwise lawsuit challenging approvals for the town’s wind turbines ended after six days Tuesday in Taunton Superior Court.
Town Counsel Thomas Crotty said Wednesday the lawsuit challenged the permits granted by Building Inspector Wayne Fostin and the Zoning Board of Appeals.
The lawsuit dates back to a petition signed by 150 people in December 2011 asking Mr. Fostin to revoke the permit he’d granted.
Mr. Crotty said the case was heard by Judge Angel Kelly Brown. “My guess is she’s going to make a quick decision,” he said.
Attorney Ann DeNardis, who represented the plaintiffs, did not return a call from The Advocate in time for this week’s deadline.
Executive Secretary Jeffrey Osuch said Monday, “We’re going to spend a small fortune. I don’t think the legal budget is going to be adequate.”
On Tuesday, Mr. Osuch said this was just one of several court challenges Windwise has initiated. He said judges have ruled in the town’s favor so far.
Source:  By Peggy Aulisio, Editor | April 06, 2014 |
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Cinco de Mayo Corruption Trial Massachusetts

Massachusetts Corruption Trial May 5, 2014  
Cinco de Mayo Corruption Trial
Posted by Frank Haggerty , April 15, 2014

Corrupt Massachusetts Politicians Trial May 5

Cinco de Mayo Trial Federal Court- Historic     Boston, Massachusetts  
A historic federal trial of truly epic proportions is set for May 5, 2014. The trial has taken on a name the "Cinco de Mayo Trial."  
The trial will include a list of who's who in Massachusetts politics.
Those scheduled to testify include former convicted Massachusetts Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi sponsor of the Green Communities Act  (Massachusetts Wind Turbine Legislation ). DiMasi has throat and tongue cancer and four years left on an eight year federal conviction of corruption charges.  
According to US Attorney Carmen Ortiz there are many federal indictments of individuals in the scandal plagued Massachusetts Probation Department. A department that reaches across the state into many other agencies.     
Federal prosecutors have already postponed an April trial date and are looking at a lengthy trial in the case of state officials charged in the hiring process at the department to favor candidates promoted by high profile state lawmakers.
Attorney General Martha Coakley may testify at the trial. Martha Coakley is also a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.  
The trial has taken on the name "Cinco de Mayo Trial " in relation to corruption comparisons between Massachusetts state government and Third World country corruption.
U.S. District Court Judge William Young has set a trial date of May 5, 2014. The case will take more than a month and will attract nationwide attention.
U.S. District Court Judge William Young has heard many famous cases, including the "Big Dan" rape case, the Richard Reid "Shoe Bomber", Boston Strangler and now the "Cinco de Mayo" Massachusetts corruption trial. 
Monday May 5, 2014 - Join Us 
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