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Dan Luton
Web designer/developer working with ExpressionEngine, Joomla, WordPress & Magento.
Web designer/developer working with ExpressionEngine, Joomla, WordPress & Magento.


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How I use circles

A couple of my friends have asked me how I'm using circles in G+. So...
Here's my relatively new'ish circle setup:

Most of my circles are setup based not on how I know people or where I know them from, but rather, how much of a priority seeing their stream is to me.

- READ: High - People whose content I never want to miss. Typically close friends, as well as really fascinating (and not hugely-high-volume) others.
- READ: Medium - Acquaintances and others whose posts I enjoy reading whenever I can. Also the place where I may add people I don't yet know... wanting to get a feel for their stream over time.
- READ: Low - Often (or at least potentially) interesting but perhaps really high-volume folks.

I soon learned, though, that I needed both reading and posting circles for the way I wanted to use G+, so I created the circles below for sharing content:

- POST: Very personal - For sharing particularly personal stuff with close friends/family.
- POST: Somewhat personal - For sharing personal stuff with people that know me and would (hopefully) be up for, well, somewhat personal posts.
- POST: Impersonal - For everyone else :)

Lastly, I did some thinking about my life and realized that -- socially -- two things are especially important to me: getting together with friends locally, and dancing (lindy hop). So I created two more circles:

- Bay Area (for sharing info and invitations of interest only to people living nearby)
- Dancers (for people who dance or are very interested in social dancing; a place to post lindy hop videos, dance humor, etc.)

* * *

This is not the right way to set up circles. This is just so far my right way :). I'm just a random geek who happens to be a Googler working on non-G+ stuff, so your mileage may vary!

And do feel free to share how you set up circles, or ask me any questions about my experience with my setup so far.

In the meantime, have fun, be kind, and enjoy your weekend! :-)
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Nice. Let's see if it lasts longer than Wave.
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