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Women have a Different Perspective
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! When I was taking these quick shots with a
friend and I realised once again how different guys and girls take pictures. Obviously,
I don’t have a professional photographer hired for my blog. I just hand over
the came...

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Heimat Hafen
  What is home? I know it is cliché and everyone and their mom has milked this cow of a topic, but all I can think about when looking at these pictures is home. I feel like I read a thousand stories and articles about this topic. Home is where your heart is...

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What we all should do
The last couple of
weeks haven't been easy; to top it all off, my dog passed away . I got her for Christmas when I was 6 and had her for almost 16
years. We grew up together. It shattered my world and truly shook me to my Core. The most vital parts of my

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Tribute to Valentines Day
I know it’s late, but I just wanted to get this off my
mind. We all, in some way, share the same fears.   Valentines day triggers two of our most primal fears: Fear of not being loved  Fear of not belonging Back in prehistoric times it was essential to fit ...

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New Years Resolutions
It’s that time of the year again, when practically
everyone who had new years resolutions, already gave up. But how do you succeed
in the new years resolution game? I have a new approach this year.   Baby steps. Meaning; I will approach my ultimate goal
by ...

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Unexpected appearances
  The last couple weeks I
didn’t have time to take any pictures, because I had so much stuff going on.
And if I had time I just fell into my bed like a stone. And now I'm sick. yay So here a couple pictures I
found, from the last time I went to London. I co...

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Turtleneck Obsession
  Here is a little
outfit inspiration for fall. I am really into turtlenecks at the moment, which
are also very practical for horseback riding, replacing the unhandy
scarf.  xSophie   Hier ist eine kleine Outfit-Inspiration für den Herbst. Ich steh zur Zeit...

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Our Horses: Impar
British Flair In the near
future I will introduce our horses (the ones we currently have) and outline
their life story a bit more closely. The best way to do this is
chronologically. Starting with our PRE stallion Impar, who has been in our
family for almos...

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Oversize Shearling Jacket for the Cold Months
getting colder and this raises the question; how do I keep myself warm in a
stylish manner? This year
oversized shearling jackets are a great alternative to ordinary down jackets.
They are stylish and extremely warm at the same time. An oversize jacket...

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Chanel Mascara
  Like probably most women, I’m always on the
hunt for a better mascara. A couple days ago I got a new one, the ‘LE VOLUME DE
CHANEL’ in black, of course. And waterproof, because I’m just not the type of
person who wants to check their make up every five mi...
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