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Could someone give reference to a material with details on how the direction of preference is more important than the degree of preference in MBTI?

Here is a situation that I could not comprehend.
There are two people with characters very similar to each other. One of them has a software application that program that accurately predicts the character of a person when his or her date of birth and name is given. This person used the application and found that the other person had the same characteristics and traits as himself. This astonished him to no end. However the other person conceded that he knew that their characters were similar much earlier. How is it that one could identify another person with similar character while the other was completely ignorant?
Ps- I can vouch for the correctness of the application's prediction as I have found it to concur with real life traits including my own.

Consider the situation of a person who does not share similar interests in a specific matter with the other members of a group he belongs to. The difference being that he is morally inclined not to accept the views of others. What is the position of the person in that group? How does this alter his equation with other members?

Often there is one person in a group who is the butt of all jokes, who is taken for granted and regularly spoken to in an ill manner. What is it that induces everyone part of that group to do so? Why does the person remain in that circle even after being ill-treated? What goes through the mind of the people and the person specifically? What psychological impact will it have? I've noticed that this phenomenon is not related to any particular boundaries that would define the groups identity- for example this phenomenon transcends the boundaries of age.

The modern trend has been to use words that were previously considered unacceptable at every single instance to swear at people or express their displeasure. 1)Is this a transitional change or something that is practiced in order to connect with fellow beings?
2)how much weight will the words carry when they are used regularly? Will their usage not pass off as normal happening?
( I for one haven't used them regularly and yet I'm able to look at them lightly when they are hurled at me. What is it that restrains me reacting in an angry fashion the manner in which normally people do?)

Can anyone xplain how the mind gets used 2 lying and a person over time starts lying naturally even without any hesitation that looks so natural that others believe him/her?
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