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YouTube Transcripts and Closed Captions
You can easily enable a transcript or closed captions for videos in YouTube.  This will assist any students, or anyone for that matter, who may have trouble following along, have a hearing issue, or where the video is not in their native language.  While th...

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Upload File Using Google Forms
Google recently added an update to Google Forms that allows you to have a question where someone can upload a file to your Drive.  This can make it very easy to have students turning in files when they aren't part of a Google Classroom or other system to tu...

We have had issues connecting to Awesome Tables repeatedly over the last week. We do not believe it is a filter or network issue on our end since the times we can't connect, we can't whether we are on our network or using a cell network. Anyone else having issues?

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Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Weekly Summaries
Earlier this month, Google released a great update to Classroom to help keep Parents/Guardians informed of class assignments and announcements for their students in Classroom. Teachers can enter the Parents/Guardians email address in the Student section of ...

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Google Classroom and Forms Fall Updates 2016
Google released some great updates this week to get ready for the new school year.  You can easily annotate assignments in the mobile Classroom app, add parent/guardian emails to send weekly reports from Classroom, create Topics for sorting in Classroom, an...

I have made it so there is a clickable link in the table but it opens inside the table and not into a new page. Does anyone know the trick to doing that? The link is to a Google Sheet so I want it in a new page so they have more room to work.

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Blurring Tools in YouTube
There are times where you want to blur or block out part of a video that you want to upload.  I create a lot of videos for students and other teachers, and sometimes find that there is something on my screen that I want to blur so I do not share an email ad...

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Draftback - Play back your Google Docs
Draftback is a Chrome Extension that allows you to play back a Google Doc as if you were recording a video of all of the edits.   This simple Chrome Extension will allow a writer, or someone who is helping to give feedback to a writer, to view their writing...

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Creating a YouTube Playlist for Students
There is a tremendous amount of useful information on YouTube, along with a large amount of not useful information.  One thing we can easily do to help students, is to create a Playlist of videos related to the topic in our classroom.  This could become a g...

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Kaizena Mini is now Kaizena Shortcut
One of my favorite tools for leaving effective feedback for students is Kaizena.  Kaizena allows you to easily leave audio and text feedback for students in a Google Doc.  This is a free service and one that I suggest to a lot of people because we should be...
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