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Creating Trust at the point of Decision
Creating Trust at the point of Decision


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AAA published the results from a recent survey that revealed that 2/3rds of motorists do not trust Auto Repair shops in general. 73% say the number one reason is they feel they were recommended services they did not need. Earning your customers trust is more important than ever. Providing your customers with digital inspection reports using pictures and videos helps to build that trust. Become a Trusted Shop.

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Google and Facebook finally taking action against fake news stories
Google and Facebook Leveraging Ad Revenue Against Fake News Sites

Search and Social Titans Google and Facebook, both of which have received criticism (Facebook especially) for helping spread 'fake' political news online during the 2016 election cycle, have both announced additional steps to prevent fake news websites from generating ad revenue via their services (AdSense and the Facebook Audience Network).

While Google's Search Engine (as well as its news aggregator Google News) is generally good at keeping fake news from ranking high in Search Results (though not quite perfect), Facebook has faced more serious criticism for the propagation of fake news being shared by its users, and this move actually will do little-to-nothing to help that (especially with CEO Mark Zuckerberg vehemently in denial that the problem even exists). In addition, Google and Facebook aren't the only services these sites can use to earn advertising revenue, so this won't likely shut any of them down.

Nonetheless, it is worth giving credit to both companies for clarifying their ad service policies which, it should be noted, were always meant to be applied to fake news sites anyways, and thereby giving purveyors of fake news one less monetary incentive to do so.

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