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Hey! Proof that I was with the big guy yesterday!

haven't been on here for a while-the redesign is nice. Wonder if it will prove to be more useful?

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I still love you Fallout 3, and nothing wil take that away from me.

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That's me, on the internets, being interviewed by my chum +Roy Wood

Playing English Gentlemen Author today: edited a chapter, then popped outside to tend to the roses. Pip Pip!

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Internet, Y U NO buy my book?
Come on! It's right here! 3 Bucks!

Lord, I'm discouraged.

At the risk of infuriating the "internet=anonymity" wags, I like google''s plan to only allow actual people to have google+ accounts. It is a digital public commons.

Dangit! Went back into a political twitterfight that I meant to ignore. Okay, I mean it this time: no more arguing with strangers this weekend!

Officially taking weekend off from old man grumbling and furious political thought. You'll all have to argue with yourselves until monday.
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