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Does anybody have IsoBuster? Need something cracked open to see if it works but I can't spend $50 on a maybe. It's part of a gift. You would really save my skin...

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New novel #BusterVoodoo  will blow your mind. I'm the cover artist. I didn't blow the cover, either of the art or of the pseudonymous writer's identity. 

Check out the review in Fangoria.
Well, that is pretty much the kind of review you want from Fangoria, wow.

And: I was also somewhat privy to the long road of this book getting to print, it's cool to see it out, finally. And now maybe I'll finally get around to reading it.

And +Julia Rose Sevin is the queen of covers, and WORKED ON THIS ONE FOR SOME MYSTERIOUS REASON OF MYSTERY.

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Get your psychedelic alt-history fix with Robert N. Lee's new series of e-book shorts, 666ties. (Admitting that I am the editor is not a caveat, but rather an endorsement. Even poring through these multiple times, I am newly delighted upon each read. Fine, fine stuff.)

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what what, BookRiot says +Nightmare Magazine is an essential short-story magazine AND gave a special shout-out to the covers! This art director is chuffed. Go circle us, ya dingus!
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