Great, But Not Amazing - Review of The Dark Knight Rises
I will keep this review short since I'm on mobile and on my third fourth beer.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) is a movie which I've looked forward to ever since I first heard about it. Such high expectations are difficult to fulfill and I have to admit that I had expected a little too much - but only very little. What the movie did, it did well for the most part and amazing for the rest. The characters were amazing, the story was very good, the action was acceptable, and the villain was utterly amazing. Unfortunately the movie tried to tell a far longer story than good for it. The 2 hours and 44 minutes were a long time but the story still felt a bit rushed. This, along with the unimpressive action, made the movie less than ideal.

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie with one of the best villains of any superhero movie (and a complex one for that matter). It didn't manage to be everything I had hoped for but that didn't stop me from wholeheartedly enjoy it. A movie I highly can recommend.
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